The West Wing

As always, spoilers abound – right up to the last episode. Read on at your viewing pleasure’s peril.

President Josiah Bartlet and his wife, Dr Abigail Bartlet still live at the family farm in New Hampshire. Jed’s MS has progressed somewhat, although not enough to stop him from giving the occasional emiritus lecture. There are now a total of five Barltet grandchildren, two each from Liz and Ellie, and one from… ahh, but that would be telling.

Toby Ziegler and Andrea Wyatt still have their weird, on-again, off-again thing going. Huck and Molly are in high school now, and old enough to understand why their father was fired from his White House job. They’re not yet old enough for Toby to have told them the truth about their uncle David, though. Andi is no longer in politics, having lost re-election in the mid-term elections of 2008 after her role in Toby’s pardon was leaked to the press… although she doesn’t yet know who leaked it. When she finds out, Toby will be lucky to see his kids again before they graduate from college.

Claudia Jean Cregg and Danny Concannon are still happily married, dividing their time between Los Angeles and Concord (as Danny has been recruited to assist in the writing of Jed’s memoirs). They have two children, and CJ now works primarily as a consultant to fit around being a mother, a job she takes as seriously as she’s taken every other one she’s had. Even working at most a quarter of the time, she’s still bringing home a million a year after tax, not a little of which splashes over to her assistant…

Charlie Young is still studying law, sort of. He keeps taking time off to go work with CJ on whatever her latest assignment is, with the result that it has thus far taken more than twice the usual amount of time for him in his studies. However, he should be graduating later this year, for which no one is more grateful than Zoey Young, who would prefer a stabler homelife that less resembled her childhood for their kid.

Will Bailey has moved on. After three terms as a Congressman in Oregon, he jumped ship for the chance to run a campaign for the Democratic challenger for the Presidency in 2014, a campaign whose outcome is at this time unknown. Will is hopeful, though, and if he can just get Toby, Sam and Josh to all shut up long enough to let him think, he can probably do it.

Sam Seaborn is looking forward to the end of his stint as Deputy Chief of Staff. He wants to go back to California, play a little golf, consider writing his memoirs, and carefully screen any and all phone calls from Josh.

Josh Lyman and Donnatella Moss are married, although they have agreed that kids can wait until after they finally leave the White House for good – not that anyone thinks Josh will leave before he has a heart attack. Both of them are looking back on eight years of satisfying work which only occasionally led to huge screaming matches when their respective employer’s priorities clashed.

Matthew and Helen Santos are both looking forward to returning to Texas and putting their feet up for a few years. The major triumph of the Santos administration was ending the occupation in Kazahkstan after four long years, with new treaties signed between the four nations involved and all American troops returning home – a move widely credited with winning him re-election, which allowed him the time to bed down his radical health and education reforms. As the longer term effects of these policies became more apparent, his approval rating soared in the last year of his Presidency, and if it were possible, he could easily win a third term as President. Fortunately for his marriage, he can’t.

Elsie Snuffin and Joe Quincy are now dating; it’s going well, thank you, but they prefer their privacy.

John Hoynes did not become a party elder as Josh had suggested, largely due to the efforts Jed Bartlet, Toby Ziegler and Bob Russell (each of whom acted independently of the others; Hoynes is just that kind of guy).

Mike Caspar has transferred from the FBI to SHIELD, and in his new cover identity, is one of Colonel Fury’s most trusted agents.

Mandy Hampton was recently discovered buried under a large pile of documents in a basement of the West Wing. She is expected to make a full recovery.

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