Babylon 5

So, while obviously John Sheridan isn’t around anymore after the events of Sleeping in Light – but what about the rest of the cast?

So before we go any further, let’s just list who’s already dead. G’kar and Londo, obviously, died at each other’s hands some years earlier; Kosh earlier still. And if you’ve read the Psi-Corps trilogy, you know that Bester died the same day as Sheridan. And the fate of Marcus was covered in a short story by JMS himself. But that still leaves quite a few of the main cast:

Delenn obviously is still going to be on Minbar for quite a while. Although she holds no formal position of authority, she is one of the most respected figures in the entire Inter-Stellar Alliance. She serves as a mentor figure to three generations of young Minbari and Rangers of all species.

Susan Ivanova as we last saw her, had assumed the position of Entil Zha, Ranger One. It is likely that she will hold this position until her death.

Ivanova is ably assisted by her aide de camp, Zach Allan, who will remain in this role under the new head of the Rangers, too. This will eventually evolve into a more emeritus position, teaching investigative skills to some of the more able Rangers.

Meanwhile, Emperor Vir Cotto guides the rebuilding of the Centauri Republic. Although the Centauri people remain unwilling to rejoin the ISA, the Rangers have provided a certain amount of covert assistance to Vir in rooting out the remaining Drakh.

Closer to home, Elizabeth Lochley has retired from Earthforce, and is now pursuing a career in politics. She remains a staunch proponent of Earth remaining a part of the Inter-Stellar Alliance, but it is a fight that her side is destined to lose.

Michael Garibaldi continues to guide his company to greater heights, not least due to their investments in medical technology for a range of species – a field they got into largely thanks to the advice of Dr Stephen Franklin. Franklin himself divides his time between Earth and the new ISA medical research hospital on the old Markab homeworld.

Lyta Alexander has founded a new colony for telepaths of all races, somewhere she believes that she can protect them: the former Vorlon homeworld.

Finally, Lennier is still out there, pursuing his own agenda of redemption, and feeding information to Vir and his remaining allies among the Rangers. He never mentions either Sheridan or Delenn, and has spoken to neither of them in many years, but from the shadows, he is the staunchest protector of David Sheridan.

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