Variopoly game: Privatisation

Okay, I feel it’s time to be more vicious.

Here’s a variant that actually makes the capitalism of Monopoly a little redder in tooth and claw.

You will need

  • A Monopoly set.
  • pens and paper

Variant Rules
All rules are as normal for Monopoly with the exception of the following:

  1. Any player who owns a utility or railroad may choose to change the stated rents by a stated multiplier – this must be changed at the start of their turn before they move.
  2. If a player owns a full set of either utilities or railroads, the basic rent charged is doubled, and only then is the multiplier applied.

Winning the Game

  1. as per the normal rules of Monopoly; or

Changing it up:
If you want even more variation, here are some other ideas for Privatisation games:

  • If you’re really wanting to add to the whole thing, privatise the Jail and Free Parking as well – charge rents for them as for a utility.

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