How do you create a strip variant for a game of falling objects? It’s not as hard as it looks – but getting the competition naked might just be.

To play Strip Tetris, choose a particular kind of Tetris. All players should use the same instance of the game – not just the same version, but the same actual copy of the game.

One player plays at a time, and insofar as possible, the game must be positioned so that other players can also see the screen, for the purposes of verification.

Each time the current player succeeds in clearing the screen entirely, each other player must remove a garment. If this isn’t fast enough, add in that all players except the highest scoring each round must also remove a garment. If that still isn’t fast enough, agree on a certain number of lines to be cleared for each garment – 20 or 25 are good choices.

(If you are the player removing garments, do not wait until the game is over to count up the lines – keep a track of the running tally, and remove one each time a multiple of the number is reached. It’s much more distracting that way. šŸ™‚ )

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