Carvati’s Cure

Carvati’s Cure was created by Dr Carvati of Gehenna, as its name suggests. It is a combination od drug and gene rewrite specifically designed to cure the La’Heng people of the deleterious effects of the RC-12 drug that made them slaves on a genetic level generations earlier.

Although named Carvati’s Cure, the initial research on the drug was carried out by Dr Solaith, and Carvati himself noted that without the genetic records of the Makers (the ancient and apparently long-dead alien race who created the jump point network that allows sppedy interstellar travel), it would have been impossible to complete. The effectiveness of the drug can be seen in that its introduction to La’Heng led directly to a revolution on that world, culminating in the La’Heng people kicking out the other races that had oppressed them and declaring themselves an independent polity.

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Rejuvenex, as the name suggests, is a drug and hormone treatment specifically designed to fight off the ravages of aging. It does exactly what it promises to, restoring skin and muscle tone to the peak of young adulthood.

Rejuvenex isn’t cheap, but it’s often considered worth it – repeated applications can extend a normal human lifespan to the region of 200 years of life.

Related Drugs: Carvati’s Cure, Kosh and RC-12