May 27, 1895 — Oscar Wilde begins his prison sentence

Oscar Wilde was one of the greatest English writers. He was persecuted for his homosexuality, and indeed, it was a conviction for being one who enjoyed “the love that dare not speak it’s name” that led to his arrival in Reading Gaol.

Wilde had been convicted on May 25 after a trial lasting almost exactly a month. He was first sent to Pentonville, then to Wandsworth, and finally transferred to Reading Gaol. His famous work, The Ballad of Reading Gaol was written about his experiences in prison after his release four years later.

A cartoon drawing of Wilde in a crowded courtroom
By UnknownThe Illustrated Police News, May 4 1895.
(Previously uploaded to the English language Wikipedia (log by Jack1956 (talk)), Public Domain, Link

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