circa 1368 BCE — Zeus seduces Danae

Zeus, king of the gods, came to Danae, princess of Argos, in the form of a shower of gold. They shagged, and she became pregnant with the fetus that in due course would become Perseus, slayer of the Medusa and one of the earliest heroes of Mythic Greece.

This caused problems for Danae’s father, King Acrisius, since it had been prophesised that he would be slain by the son of his daughter, not least of which was that the prophecy eventually came true. But who was Acrisius to set his will against that of the Fates or of Zeus Panhellenios? To be fair to Perseus, he didn’t mean to kill the old man – he accidentally struck him in the head with a thrown discus in an athletics contest. From this tale, we can draw two morals: never try to thwart the will of the gods, and always stay in the marked spectator area at sporting events.


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