September 17, 1991 — Use Your Illusion I and II are released

Simultaneously release, Use Your Illusion was a double album sold as two separate albums, and included some of Guns n Roses best known songs, including “You Could Be Mine”, “Civil War” and “November Rain” – of all Guns n Roses songs, it is the most epic (although not the longest). “November Rain” was the 4th single from the twin albums, and the 2nd most successful (after “You Could Be Mine”). In interviews, the band stated that they felt that this was their “Stairway to Heaven”. As bold as that claim was, it was borne out by history.

The song remains a staple of classic rock radio stations everywhere, the clip regularly places among the most popular on MTV and other such music video stations, and naturally, it is a long-standing staple of Guns n Roses live performances.

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