Heavens, Mister Evans

All lyrics written and copyrighted by Casey Bennetto, 2004.
Annotations written by Loki Carbis, 2009; revised in 2014.
The assistance and advice of Casey Bennetto in the creation of these annotations is gratefully acknowledged.

This page is intended for informational purposes only.


Gareth Evans: It’s always the same, whenever she walks by
My face is aflame, and my mouth goes dry
My pulse is racing, and my heart goes pit-a-pat
Senator Cheryl Kernot was the leader of the Australian Democrats from 1993 through to 1997, when she abruptly defected to the ALP. Her affair with Gareth Evans, which began during the Keating years, did not come to the public’s knowledge until well after the downfall of the Keating government, but is widely believed to have affected Evans’ judgement while he served in the Keating government.And I yearn for Cheryl Kernot, Democrat

Cheryl Kernot: Ever since I was young, just a little girl
I’ve been wanting someone to show me the world.
And he’s done everything and he’s been everywhere
Senator Gareth Evans was indeed Minister for Foreign Affairs under the Keating government, in addition to being the head of the ALP in the upper house.He’s Gareth Evans, my Foreign Affair

Gareth Evans: My heart’s in peril, Cheryl
Surely I will fall
Cheryl Kernot: Heavens, Mister Evans
How I tremble at your call
Gareth & Cheryl: But we owe it to our parties to try to break that spell
Both Evans and Kernot were married, although Kernot has since divorced.Cheryl Kernot: And also, aren’t you married?

Gareth Evans: Yes I am – that as well!

You get under my skin like no woman before
And by the bear on my chin I swear: I want more!
You’re an innocent soul, idealistic and free
But baby, baby, won’t you give your preference to me?

Cheryl Kernot:: So seductive and strong – you’re a party machine
The Australian Democrats have traditionally been a left wing party, especially in environmental matters.Though I know that it’s wrong, I’m a little too green.

Gareth Evans: You’re such a lady of light!
Cheryl Kernot: Such a powerful brute!
Gareth & Cheryl: Such a thrill to nibble on forbidden fruit!

Gareth Evans: My heart’s in peril, Cheryl
Lovin’ you so much
Cheryl Kernot: Heavens, Mister Evans
How I tingle at your touch
Gareth & Cheryl: We’re equally enamoured, but differently aligned
Gareth Evans: And also, aren’t you married?
Cheryl Kernot: Yes I am
Gareth Evans: As am I!
Gareth & Cheryl: Never mind!
Why – i – yi – i -yi – i – yi?
Gareth Evans: Oh Cheryl…
Cheryl Kernot: Gareth…

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