“Unemployed Boyfriend” by Everclear

Hey, you can be with me!
Yes, I will always let you win!

You know, I actually really like this song. (I really like most of the songs I rag on here, actually… possibly even because of their imperfections.) But there’s just one line where the not-unemployed would-be-boyfriend really screws it up, and shows just how patronising traditional romance can be.

And it’s the one at the top there – “always LET you win”? Really? You were doing so well until you suddenly came on like a sexist macho asshole. Although cheer up, the girl in question doesn’t seem to mind much – although from what the rest of the song says, that may just be because she has rather low expectations.

I would also, in passing, like to know what you were doing at the unemployment office if you’re not unemployed, dude, because the context strongly implies that you’re not one of the staff…

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