“Can’t Get Enough of You Baby” by Question Mark and the Mysterians

“I love you so much,
I wish that there was more of you to touch.”

Yes, this is the same song that Smash Mouth murdered a few years back – Colourfield also did a version at one point, and in fact, the first act to record it was the Four Seasons. (I just really like having an excuse to say ‘Question Mark and the Mysterians‘).

But enough banter. On with the daftosity.

As much as I personally may think that anorexia is a bad bad thing, and that women should have curves in the places evolution shaped them to, I’m aware that this culture, as a whole, has a morbid fascination with painfully thin women.

On that basis, a lyric that basically says “I wish you were fatter” is, quite simply, poor tactics for any man hoping to actually hold on to his girlfriend. I hasten to point out that this only applies to any girlfriend whose head has been warped by popular culture into thinking that she’s always too fat, even as her last few hairs fall from her head from lack of nutrition.

Well, enough political incorrectness for one day, methinks. But before I go, does anyone else think that Question Mark and the Mysterians sounds like the name of a villain and his hench-entities from the old Batman show? Perhaps that’s why in other parts of the song, the singer (presumably Mr. Q. Mark his own bad self) also wishes that his girlfriend had various superhuman powers, notably stretching (ala Plastic Man) and duplication (ala Duo Damsel).

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