Pills that are, depending on who you talk to, either useful medical treatments for depression or highly addictive euphorics, and either way sold by the same company, the Humors Company, as an over-the-counter, no need for a prescription drug.

Created by drug designer Keiran Marks, and taken by his not-even-bothering-to-hide-it evil boss Jian Candi, CEO of the aforementioned Humors Company, Up-Lift, was briefly available for free after ‘the incident’ – the death of Keiran’s daughter Jesminder in a bombing organised by Candi – but they were swiftly put back on the market at a jacked up price because Candi is motivated more by greed than anything else.

Up-Lift is ludicrously strong in its effects, and addictive on a level that even Purdue would be impressed by, and as well-intentioned as Marks might have been in its creation, its marketing was unethical in every way.

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