Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s Hammer is a highly addictive, but also highly expensive drug, sold entirely over the internet in pill form. A designer drug, it initially stymied the efforts of law enforcement agencies to analyse, as its construction includes some kind of enzymatic catalyst which renders it inert after a certain amount of time goes by, meaning that it must be taken very quickly after acquisition.

It takes about a half hour to hit, and the earliest effects are patterns, geometric grids overlayed on the vision of the user. The effects of Thor’s Hammer borrow from, and may be the result the incorporation of, certain other drugs, including ecstasy, mescaline, viagra, and LSD, as well as smart drug and amphetamine like effects. In short, it basically turns the user, for a time, into a low level superhuman, with an ego (and impaired judgement) to match. It does take a while to recover from a dose, though – few users take it as often as once a week.

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