Ocephalus Nectar

Ocephalus Nectar, often called simply Nectar, is a pink liquid produced by the large, butterfly-like insects from the planet Amphibios 9. It is used primarily as a steroid in the Moon-based sport of Butterfly Derby, but has other effects as well.

As a steroid, it enhances the user’s musculature, but especially the muscles used in flying. However, in its original context it is quite different, and is a pheromone produced by the male butterflies to attract the females. Female humans who take the drug regularly become addicted, but also highly attracted to any male – of any species – who has a large concentration of Ocephalus Nectar in their system, and compelled to mate with them.

Effects on the male include mutating into a buttefly-like hybrid and a similar compulsion to mate until such time as the chemical is used up in their system.

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