A drug put together from assorted other unspecified substances, Ghostdancing was created by a man named Snake in 1993, who had been a rockstar in the Sixties and never let of the dream. The components of the drug are not known, but Snake claims to have been working on it for twenty years, trying different ingredients in different quantities.

Unusually, Ghostdancing is a drug you only need to take once – a single dose will have you joyfully joining the Ghost Dance or fleeing in terror from what it unlocks inside your head. This is because it reopens the portal to the realm in the which the gods of the Native American peoples live, letting them back into this world – and bringing back Thunderbird is immensely destructive to modern society and all it contains. The western states of America are reclaimed by the Native American peoples and those like-minded among other peoples, and it seems very much that this will be the seed from which an entirely new world is born. Assuming, of course, that Old Man Coyote can be trusted…

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