Allswell is a chemical that naturally occurs in the human brain (at least, the humans of Arbre). It makes people feel a sense of well-being and optimism. Some centuries ago, it was genetically engineered into the plant named Blithe, which is a dietary staple throughout Arbre.

Throughout Arbre except in the maths, that is. The avout are forbidden to consume it – or even to grow it – and their time spent outside their maths is limited to ten days in order to stop it from starting to affect them adversely.

Beng Lie

Beng Lie is a powerful suppressant of the will.

It is of Oriental origin, and appears to be a preparation of a variety of drugs and herbs, very likely including opium. Under its effects, users become more submissive, and more receptive to hypnotic and other suggestions, although the very strong-willed can shake off these effects.

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Bentlam, also known as benny, ben weed and happy sleep, is am alien drug similar in chemical composition to earthly marijuana. It is, however, prepared to a vastly higher degree of purity than any marijuana or hashish or Earth ever was.

In effect, it is a mild euphoric that induces a state of pleasant drowsiness in its users. Other symptoms include impaired physical coordination, although cognition is unaffected. It is illegal in most jurisdictions.

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Dyziplen is the trade name of the behaviour-modifying drug Nitrosedaticam Dedehydro Epoxy Methylmorphixan Diacectate Calminhydrate. Sold in the form of 400mg capsules, Dyziplen is the latest and most fashionable treatment for misbehaving children among the wealthy trophy wives of Manhattan. It is the go-to treatment for hyperactivity, ADHD and Kanye West Spectrum Disorder. It’s not handed out as the treatment for a particular diagnosis, but just for kids who are, you know, inconveniently behaving like kids.

Dyziplen takes a little while to kick in, but once it does, it turns the user into a polite, well-spoken, emotionless, slow-moving automaton who is incapable of recognising music or colour. It’s very likely that a certain amount of bribery caused this dangerously strong chemical to be fast-tracked through the approvals process by the FDA.


Gamedone was introduced to the market following the end of the fourth season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” to help viewers deal with their withdrawal from the show.

Produced by The Wil Wheaton Project, Gamedone blocks the part of your brain that appreciates quality television, and reduces symptoms such as compulsive re-watching, crossbow murder and the urge to see loved ones die. Gamedone is available in capsule form, and is guaranteed to make you feel like a king (a still-living king, not one of the many dead ones who have featured in “Game of Thrones“).


Icpathua is a sedative created from a plant that grows naturally in wherever it is that the true human beings (not vodsels like you and I) come from. Like most matters regarding the human beings, it is shrouded in mystery.

It appears to be a mild euphoric when consumed by human beings directly from the plant, but can also be refined into a strong sedative that knocks out even the strongest vodsel males. In the latter capacity, it was used as part of an extensive hunting operation in eastern Scotland, to capture vodsels for their meat, which is considered a delicacy by human beings, and shipped back to their home to be sold at extortionate prices.


Developed by Control as yet another weapon in the battle for the safety of the free world, Immobilo is a colourless liquid. Administered by injection, it causes paralysis in the user for approximately 30 seconds, and also prevents the formation of memories during this time.

Immobilo will affect most body types normally, but certain amino chemicals in peaches counteract its effects – if one has eaten a peach, one is immune to the drug’s effects for several hours thereafter.


Invented by 12 year old evil genius Oliver Watson (when he was much younger), Lazopril is a drug with a number of effects, including sudden uncontrollable flatulence and a rapid diminution of levels of hostility and motivation in those dosed with it. Watson has equipped his bodyguards with it, and they generally shoot it into those he designates in the form of tiny darts.

Unfortunately for Oliver, Lazopril also delays the beginning of one’s adolescent growth spurt by about three months for each dose – something Oliver only realised after mixing up the early batches without wearing gloves. If you should meet Oliver, do not make jokes about his height.


Growing on, and forming almost the entire diet of the inhabitants of an un-named island in the Mediterranean off the coast of North Africa, the Lotus plant is infamous for its powerful stupefying effects.

The people who live on this island have no recognizable culture other than consumption of the Lotus plant, extreme lassitude and a certain lazy friendliness to outsiders. The only known name for them is that given them in contempt by Ulysses, Lotus-Eaters.

Basically, the Lotus-Eaters live an idyllic life of being perpetually stoned. No wonder they so offended a man of action like Ulysses.


In the year 2035, Muzon is one of the most popular commercially available anti-anxiety drugs, the successor of Zoloft and Prozac. Little is known about it, other than that it is reasonably safe and has relatively few side effects.


NoLag is an over-the-counter medicine for preventing jetlag. Unfortunately, it is not available until around 2034 CE. It is very effective, but a little hit or miss in its effects.

NoLag consists of two timed effects. The first is a sedative, to allow sleep, following by a stimulant to wake up the user. It is released on a time delay many hours after the sedative. NoLag is undeniably effective, but has been known to cause hallucinatory effects in the particularly sleep-deprived.


The Pax, or to give it its full name, G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate, was a sedative used in a social engineering project that failed disastrously. The Union of Allied Planets released it into the atmosphere of a newly settled world named Miranda in the year 2506.

In very short order, the Pax pacified the vast majority of the population there into complete inactivity. They simply stopped, wherever they were and whatever they were doing, and waited, inactive, until they died (presumably from starvation and dehydration, in most cases).

They were the lucky ones.

One tenth of one percent of the population found that the drug instead boosted their aggression to a level described as ‘beyond madness’. They became brutal, sadistic and cannibalistic, given to acts of rape, torture and self-mutilation, and were known as Reavers. The truth of their origin was revealed to the galaxy at large by Malcolm Reynolds and his crew in 2518.


Prozium, acclaimed as the great nepenthe, the opiate of the masses and the glue of the great (read: repressively dystopian) society, is a highly potent sedative that deadens nearly all emotions to a dull hum.

Prozium is described as an anesthetic for the emotions, which implies that they’re still there, they just can’t be felt. Although given that it is apparently still necessary to destroy any art that might provoke an emotional response, one might well ask just how effective it truly is.

Still, there are some people who regard the sacrifice of all the higher emotions as a fair exchange for getting rid of the lower ones – and they’re the same people who run the world.


An analgesic and healing promoter, QuixHeal is a trade name of a human-specific healing agent that assists the body in repairing the damage done by physical injuries.

QuixHeal can be combined with other painkillers and even consumed with alcohol with no ill-effects. At higher doses, it tends to cause drowsiness and deep sleep, but it continues to work on repairing the body even while the user is sound asleep.

The effects of Quixheal are limited, and it is not a substitute for major surgery. However, it will fix most bruises, scrateches, grazes, sprains and the like, up to hairline bone fractures. Anything more serious will require proper medical attention.

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RC-12 is a potent sedative, usually used by law enforcement to sedate and apprehend violent criminals. However, it was once deployed far more widely, against an irrevocably hostile alien race, the La’heng (from the planet of the same name).

Unfortunately, the La’heng are a highly adaptable species who respond to their environment on a genetic level. Within a generation of the deployment of the RC-12, every member of the La’heng species was genetically altered into subservient beings who are psychologically – and physically – unable to function without a master (called a “shinai” by the La’heng).

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Relaxon is a tranquiliser.

It is sometimes used for years at a time, as its advertising claims that it is non-addicting – although it’s unclear how true that is, or what other side effects it might have.

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Produced by Futurza – the same pharmaceutical company that brought the world both Fibromyalgia, and a highly-priced (not to mention dubiously effective) cure for Fibromyalgia – Relaxorex was a 2013 anti-depressant and that was heavily pushed onto the medical community.

Despite what stories in the media may have said, Relaxorex does not actually cause people to give up on their dreams. That’s just a side-effect.

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Shocktoxin was created by an unrevealed US military contractor for use by S.H.I.E.L.D., who in turn issued it to members of the Secret Avengers team. Crafted into flechettes with a monofilament edge, Shocktoxin projectiles could slice through almost any armour, and shots that missed left little evidence as the compound dissolved in minutes if left in the open air.

A hit from a Shocktoxin flechette would allow the nerve toxin to do its work – and a single flechette can knock out a healthy bull for about six hours. Human test subjects reported experiencing truly horrifying nightmares while knocked out by the drug. It is not known what the bull experienced.

Soma (Brave New World)

All the advantages of Christianity and alcohol; none of their defects.” That’s what they say about Soma in the brave new world of 632 After Ford…

…although you and I might think of it as 2540 CE, 608 years after the first Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line. In that time, the legends of Henry Ford and Sigmund Freud have become one, and this composite figure is the state religion, or at least, focus of veneration.

Because as the tag line suggests, the real state religion in Soma, a mild euphoric and hallucinogen with no particular side effects whose effects are likened to going on a holiday to the emotionally deadened, caste-bred citizens of the one world government future. Soma is the sovereign remedy for doubt, confusion and all other forms of upset, a tranquilising trip that helps to maintain the conformity that society so desperately needs.


Technically, that should be SomnambutolTM, which is how it inevitably appears when mentioned – even when a character says it name in dialogue (I always wondered if they actually said the TM’s or not – Mr Chaykin, if you’re reading, please let us know :)).

A recreational barbituate and hallucinogen, SomnambutolTM, is sold in pill form by the Plex, and is soluble in most common drinks. It does not seem to have much of a taste when in drinks, so it’s presumably a popular date-rape drug in the Chicago of the 2030’s.

It is also available in a more concentrated aerosolised form, in which it is commonly used by law enforcement and private security agencies for crowd control, since it knocks people out for about an hour, and does so quickly and mostly harmlessly – although use does seem to lead to slight hangover-like symptoms afterwards.

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A powerful sedative, effective against humans and most bala (magical sentients), Succinylcholine is the preferred drug of the Reason regime for use as an anesthetic and paralytic.

Its use is contraindicated on the deep space dwelling redworm species, whose acidic blood reacts with Succinylcholine rather differently, causing it to act as a powerful stimulant to the dangerous beast.


Tava is a gaseous intoxicant favoured among the kinds of people who favour such things in the Chiss Ascendancy. It is cheap and easily available in the Ascendancy, with mild doses caused inebriation and higher ones temporarily knocking out those affected.

While Tava is quick to take effect, it wears off just as quickly, with few effects remaining once the the quantity of it in the air is exhausted. For this reason, it is much-used by young Chiss students for pranks on each other, and on their more boring instructors.


TD12 is a drug mostly used by dentists in England. It’s an anesthetic and sedative, which has the side effect of affecting memory formation.

This side effect makes it very interesting to a certain kind of criminal – notably, the murderer Culverton Smith once dosed some of his nearest and dearest with it so that he could tell them of his planned murder without them remembering it. Fortunately, Sherlock Holmes deduced what he had done, and Smith paid the price for his crimes.


Tranquilax is a stimulant, a sedative and a laxative. Produced by the Tranquilax company of Orbiston Parva, England, it is colloquially known as “the three in one.” It is sold in tablet form, and advertised as the drug to take “when life’s not worth living.”


However, after attracting criticism from the Reverend John Smallwood, vicar of Orbiston Parva, the stock value of Tranquilax plummeted. But once Smallwood was removed, and his criticism silenced, Tranquilax was renamed Triple Crown Unction, and with a new slogan(“Builds you up; Cleans you out”) it returned to its normal sales position.

Vee-Two Gas

A highy effective muscle relaxant, usually delivered in a weaponised form, Vee-Two Gas is effective on most carbon-based lifeforms. It is mostly an inhalant – only very high quantities may be absorbed by direct skin contact.

The drug is extremely potent, and even a small quantity will cause involuntary relaxation of all voluntary muscles. It will also cause relaxation of involuntary muscles, to a lesser degree – one of the most prominent symptoms of Vee-Two Gas is the difficulty in breathing caused by relaxation of the diaphragm.

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VXN Gas is a weaponised drug that attacks the central nervous system. It is inhaled, and acts as a potent euphoric, inducing a sensation of pleasure and well-being that erodes willpower and leads to a semi-voluntary state of paralysis.

In fact, its euphoric effects are so strong that it is not unknown for those exposed to develop addictions to barbituates or Bentlam, as the effects of the VXN are quite pleasant to experience.

Related Drugs: Bentlam, Fayalin, Hadive, Ladolian, Nitrolabe, Thionite and Vee-Two Gas.


X-13 is a short-term memory erasing drug. It causes limited amnesia, typically for a period of about 24 hours. The amnesia it induces can be defeated by hypnotic recall sessions, and it is known to be diminished in effectiveness if the subject’s bloodstream has a high alcohol level.

It is applied as an aerosol spray, and tends to knock out the subject upon application, generally for a period of several hours. X-13‘s very existence is a classified secret, and it is available only to agents of the NSA and CIA, although stocks do occasionally turn up on the black market.


A highly dangerous and radioactive drug, Xenite is not native to the world of Top Ten (and America’s Best Comics in general). It is an element from a different periodic table, specifically that of Grand Central, the parallel universe of Precinct 1.

Given its nature, there are very few people who can use it without suffering radiation poisoning, all of them superhuman or divine in nature. The only known user of the drug at this time is Commisioner Ultima, of Grand Central, whose power levels were akin to those of Superman. As she is now deceased, the origins and history of the drug may never be known.

In effect, the drug appeared to be a form of super-powered heroin, although given that the only depiction of its use was a deliberate overdose, it is hard to be certain of this identification.

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