Adara’s Rose

A somewhat lopsided flower, though pretty and pleasantly-scented in its own way, Adara’s Rose was created by the wizard Belgarion more or less by accident one day in Algaria.

Unbeknownst to Belgarion (or to Adara, for whom he created it), the flower was also capable of being made into a potent medicine – the sovereign remedy, in fact (a cure for all known disease).

However, this second fact was not known until several years later, when it was revealed by the seer Cyradis, and used to cure the Mallorean Emperor ‘Zakath of a bad case of thalot poisoning.

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Akpaloli is a poison made from the juice of a common russet-yellow weed that grows in the oases of Mars. It is colorless, and without taste or odor. It kills almost instantly, leaving no trace, and imitating closely the symptoms of heart-disease. It is in many ways a Martian equivalent to Iocaine.

But used in infinitesimal doses, Akpaloli is a very powerful stimulant, useful in cases of syncope, and serving, not infrequently to re-animate victims of paralysis in a quite miraculous manner. And Iocaine can’t do that.

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Aldetox is exactly what its named suggests it to be: a treatment for relieving the symptoms of alcohol consumption in humans.

Generally consumed (like the alcohol) as a liquid, it appears to be equally effective against intoxication and hangovers. While it has never been confirmed, it is likely that Aldetox was created by one or more of the godlike Artificial Intelligences that govern the Polity.

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Ambrosia (Deus Ex)

The one and only vaccine for the mysterious Gray Death nanoplague, Ambrosia, a product of the VersaLife company, is also, technically, not a drug. Rather, it is a non-organic compound containing eutactic (that is, ‘perfectly ordered’) components: it is, like the Gray Death, a form of nanotechnology. And given that nanotechnology can only be produced with the use of a Universal Constructor – all of which are controlled by MJ12 – it forms part of a system of control (along with the plague it cures) for that conspiracy.

The artificial and sinister nature of Ambrosia goes a long way towards explaining why it is a near-perfect cure for and source of immunity to the Gray Death – but also why a single dose, usually 20cc, only works for 48 hours at a time. It is not, despite the use of the word above, actually a vaccine, but more of an artificial antibody. It is also extremely valuable and hard to come by, and legal use is largely restricted to those whom MJ12 finds useful: government officials, military personnel, the rich and influential, scientists, the intellectual elite, and anyone else deemed “vital to the social order”.

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The herb known as Athelas in the Sindarin tongue is a powerful healing agent when correctly prepared, and a moderately effective one if less correctly prepared. It is common in Middle Earth, especially in those territories that form (or once formed) the kingdoms of Arnon and Gondor, having originally been carried there from Numenor.

For such a useful herb, its properties had been largely forgotten by all except the Dunedain Rangers of the northern wilderness by the end of the Third Age. It was the healing agent of choice for Aragorn, and no doubt was incorporated into the knowledge of Gondor, Rohan and their allies after his ascension to the throne as King Elessar.

In Westron (the tongue of men), its name is translated as Kingsfoil, while in the Elven Quenya language, it is called Asëa Aranion.

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A colourless, watery liquid, Bacta has incredible healing properties. Administered in a variety of manners, but the most effective is to entirely immerse the body in a tank full of the substance. Bacta promotes tissue regeneration and prevents the formation of scar tissue.

As such, it is an effective treatment for nearly any kind of injury, in a great number of species across the galaxy. Its nature is unknown, but the name suggests it may actual be some sort of incredibly potent anti-biotic bacteria.

Bipolar Bears

Bipolar Bears is a line of combination vitamins and mood-altering drugs, produced by The Corporation and marketed primarily at teenage girls. Not much more is known about them, but the odds are that they’re basically chewable Prozac with added vitamin C and artificial orange flavouring.


Bynogol was the first drug created by Dr Phillip Wang for Calenture-Deutz. A hayfever treatment, it was retailed in both inhalant and pill forms. It was the drug that made Calenture-Deutz, their first real success.

Bynogol was one of the few drugs to be profitable enough to survive the demise of Calenture-Deutz, and it remains available via Rilke Pharmaceuticals.

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Ca-Fix is a drug of the space age.

It is intended to help treat the effects of spaceflight osteopenia – the phenomenon whereby prolonged exposure to low gravity, micro-gravity or zero gravity environments causes the bones to weaken. It is unclear whether Ca-Fix works to prevent or reduce the loss of calcium, or whether it replaces lost calcium.

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Carvati’s Cure

Carvati’s Cure was created by Dr Carvati of Gehenna, as its name suggests. It is a combination od drug and gene rewrite specifically designed to cure the La’Heng people of the deleterious effects of the RC-12 drug that made them slaves on a genetic level generations earlier.

Although named Carvati’s Cure, the initial research on the drug was carried out by Dr Solaith, and Carvati himself noted that without the genetic records of the Makers (the ancient and apparently long-dead alien race who created the jump point network that allows sppedy interstellar travel), it would have been impossible to complete. The effectiveness of the drug can be seen in that its introduction to La’Heng led directly to a revolution on that world, culminating in the La’Heng people kicking out the other races that had oppressed them and declaring themselves an independent polity.

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