Adara’s Rose

A somewhat lopsided flower, though pretty and pleasantly-scented in its own way, Adara’s Rose was created by the wizard Belgarion more or less by accident one day in Algaria.

Unbeknownst to Belgarion (or to Adara, for whom he created it), the flower was also capable of being made into a potent medicine – the sovereign remedy, in fact (a cure for all known disease).

However, this second fact was not known until several years later, when it was revealed by the seer Cyradis, and used to cure the Mallorean Emperor ‘Zakath of a bad case of thalot poisoning.

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Aldetox is exactly what its named suggests it to be: a treatment for relieving the symptoms of alcohol consumption in humans.

Generally consumed (like the alcohol) as a liquid, it appears to be equally effective against intoxication and hangovers. While it has never been confirmed, it is likely that Aldetox was created by one or more of the godlike Artificial Intelligences that govern the Polity.

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The herb known as Athelas in the Sindarin tongue is a powerful healing agent when correctly prepared, and a moderately effective one if less correctly prepared. It is common in Middle Earth, especially in those territories that form (or once formed) the kingdoms of Arnon and Gondor, having originally been carried there from Numenor.

For such a useful herb, its properties had been largely forgotten by all except the Dunedain Rangers of the northern wilderness by the end of the Third Age. It was the healing agent of choice for Aragorn, and no doubt was incorporated into the knowledge of Gondor, Rohan and their allies after his ascension to the throne as King Elessar.

In Westron (the tongue of men), its name is translated as Kingsfoil, while in the Elven Quenya language, it is called Asëa Aranion.

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A colourless, watery liquid, Bacta has incredible healing properties. Administered in a variety of manners, but the most effective is to entirely immerse the body in a tank full of the substance. Bacta promotes tissue regeneration and prevents the formation of scar tissue.

As such, it is an effective treatment for nearly any kind of injury, in a great number of species across the galaxy. Its nature is unknown, but the name suggests it may actual be some sort of incredibly potent anti-biotic bacteria.

Bipolar Bears

Bipolar Bears is a line of combination vitamins and mood-altering drugs, produced by The Corporation and marketed primarily at teenage girls. Not much more is known about them, but the odds are that they’re basically chewable Prozac with added vitamin C and artificial orange flavouring.


Bynogol was the first drug created by Dr Phillip Wang for Calenture-Deutz. A hayfever treatment, it was retailed in both inhalant and pill forms. It was the drug that made Calenture-Deutz, their first real success.

Bynogol was one of the few drugs to be profitable enough to survive the demise of Calenture-Deutz, and it remains available via Rilke Pharmaceuticals.

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Ca-Fix is a drug of the space age.

It is intended to help treat the effects of spaceflight osteopenia – the phenomenon whereby prolonged exposure to low gravity, micro-gravity or zero gravity environments causes the bones to weaken. It is unclear whether Ca-Fix works to prevent or reduce the loss of calcium, or whether it replaces lost calcium.

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Carvati’s Cure

Carvati’s Cure was created by Dr Carvati of Gehenna, as its name suggests. It is a combination od drug and gene rewrite specifically designed to cure the La’Heng people of the deleterious effects of the RC-12 drug that made them slaves on a genetic level generations earlier.

Although named Carvati’s Cure, the initial research on the drug was carried out by Dr Solaith, and Carvati himself noted that without the genetic records of the Makers (the ancient and apparently long-dead alien race who created the jump point network that allows sppedy interstellar travel), it would have been impossible to complete. The effectiveness of the drug can be seen in that its introduction to La’Heng led directly to a revolution on that world, culminating in the La’Heng people kicking out the other races that had oppressed them and declaring themselves an independent polity.

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Castran’s Binder

Castran’s Binder is a purgative that is administered in some cases of heavy metal poisoning, particularly those where cadmium or closely related substances are the poisons.

As the name suggests, it is a binding agent, working on a molecular level to capture molecules of the heavy metal and carry them out of the body by the normal processes of elimination. It is known to be safe to administer to humans and Shorshians.

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Originally developed by Banner Value Drug and Vitamin Laboratories, Inc. as a cure for nerve damage, intended to stimulate the growth of damaged nerves, Cerebrocreatine was a failure in that goal, but worked very well in enhancing the development of neural pathways in the brain. Unfortunately, the side effect of these little yellow pills tended to be a fascination with knowledge for its own sake, a penchant for grandiose experimentation and marked tendency towards pednatry.

Cerebrocreatine is one of the few drugs in history to have had its own antidote – marketed as Super-Aktion – developed by the same company that created it, although like Cerebrocreatine, the antidote too was also too strong…

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Designed for the treatment of Alzheimers, Clarity is a product of Judge Pharmaceuticals. Early animal trials found that it increased cognitive function in rats, but due to the need for secrecy, finding human subjects to test it on proved more difficult.

However the drug’s commercial viability – as a potential cure for Alzheimers, Judge stood to make millions, if not billions – was such that the history of Clarity is one of literal backstabbing – the race for to take credit for it in the company led to murder on more than one occasion.


A short-lived over the counter drug from the 1990s, Cliasmol was claimed to cure ‘addiction to Pringles’.

The fact that it is no longer sold can be taken as indicating that one or both of the following is true: that Cliasmol was ineffective as a treatment and thus sold poorly once word got around, or that Cliasmol caused deleterious side effects that made its withdrawal from sale a legal necessity. Sadly, in its absence, the scourge of Pringles addiction continues unabated.


Little is known of the drug Cloveritol, even among medical professionals. While many of them are happy to push it (as a result of the generosity of the company that produces it), its effect on patients remain unclear.

The slogan of Cloveritol is “When life’s not fair at all, use Cloveritol,” suggesting that it may be an upper of some sort, possibly a mood stabiliser, but it’s impossible to say for sure.

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A pale green pill with a potent effect, De-Tox is a product of Banner Value Drug and Vitamin Laboratories, Inc. The recommended dosage of De-Tox is three pills each day at most, and its intended purpose is to counteract the harmful mental effects of pretty much any other drug in existence.

De-Tox does exactly what it says it will, an effect it acheives by stimulating the parts of the brain concerned with logical and critical thought. But a very short time after it came on the market, it was a best-selling drug everywhere and almost every user was exceeding the dosage. This had an unexpected side-effect – over-stimulation of the brain caused it largely shut down after a while, which led to precisely the opposite effects as usual. Fortunately, after a well-publicised scandal involving serious De-Tox addicts, the drug lost popularity and Banner Value Drug and Vitamin Laboratories, Inc. quietly withdrew it from the market.

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Deflating Draught

The Deflating Draught is probably best known as an antidote to the Swelling Solution. As such, it is a standard medical treatment in the wizarding world, used to reduce swellings of all kinds, whether they are magically induced or not.

Rumours that it can be used as a kind of magical viagra remain unconfirmed.

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Diarrax is a medical grade laxative that enjoyed a brief vogue in the mid-nineties United Kingdom, where it appeared on the scene just as the privatisation of the NHS really got going.


Diarrax would not be noteworthy at all except for its tangential connection to one of the worst scandals in Scottish medical history: a symposium on euthanasia it sponsored for the Midlothian NHS Trust, at which the head of the trust, Stephen Lime, recruited one Dr Jeremy Ponsonby to serve as a provider of involuntary euthanasia to several patients in the Trust’s geriatric facility.

It is believed that the resulting bad publicity may have tainted the brand, as Diarrax is no longer in common use in NHS facilities.

Dr. Ubbly’s Oblivious Unction

Dr. Ubbly’s Oblivious Unction is a curative potion used to treat the psychic wounds left by telepathic and other mental attacks.

It is not a complete cure, requiring repeated applications over a long period of time, and even then, some scars may remain.

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The Fix

Not technically a drug, but rather a synthetic genetic cocktail designed to be taken by pregnant mothers to reduce pre-natal problems and grant immunity to several childhood diseases, The Fix is a small grey pill, shaped like two cones joined at their wider ends, and resembling more than anything else a weight from a fishing line (without the hole for the line).

Although it is not actually compulsory for pregnant mothers to take, a few decades from now, it might as well be. There are exemptions, but they mostly involve religious grounds. And in the highly regulated future from which it originates, refusal to take the damned thing without a good reason (and it should be noted that the vast majority of so-called good reasons are actually irretrievable irrantionality that the government apparently hopes to breed out of the population over the next few generations) will make the pregnant woman in question the target of all manner of government intervention.

All for the good of the unborn child, of course. Because someone has to think about the children.


Hemaflexin is medical treatment that improves the solubility of blood gasses by manipulating the effectiveness of red blood cells.

A quick-acting drug, the effects of Hemaflexin are felt within two minutes of application. Among other uses, it is good for reducing the effects of the bends (decompression sickness).

Human Drug I

A pill produced on the island of Krakoa, the independent mutant nation located in the west Pacific, Human Drug I is a non-specific, adaptive antibiotic.

It is a naturally produced chemical grown by specialised and unique plants on Krakoa, and distributed to nations that have the appropriate treaties with Krakoa by the Hellfire Trading Company.

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Insuleze is a treatment for Type 2 Diabetes produced by the American company Nexachem.

It was given exposure in the USA when it appeared on an episode of Oprah. It is taken in pill form once a week, and reduces the symptoms of bloating. In fact, it seems to be more useful as a weight-loss drug than as a treatment for diabetes.

After a minor media controversy in Australia, the government there agreed to a one year trial period for the drug. The results of the trial have not been made public.


Miccrano is a traditional remedy for stomach upsets and digestive problems among the Filiaelian race.

It is minimally effective against poisons, especially heavy metal poisoning.

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Murtlap Essence

Murtlap Essence is created from the strained and pickled tentacles of Murtlaps. It is both a curative and anesthetic, soothing the pain of cuts and abrasions, and helping them to heal.

It is also effective in the treatment of certain other minor ailments of the skin, such as boils.

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Neuro-Tryptalin is a drug developed to treat sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) – zombies, in less politically correct words. It assists zombies – I’m sorry, PDF sufferers – in restoring normal brain function, and thus, returning to normal life. It is administered via injection, directly to the spinal cord.

The full range of the drug’s effects are not known, but they do suppress the zombie hunger. They also cause vivid flashbacks to the last attack committed when in zombie state, although these are believed to fade with time. Unfortunately, Neuro-Tryptalin is not effective in every case, and there is little other help to be had for them. (Let’s be honest, they’re put down like rabid dogs.) There are


A hayfever and general allergy medicine, Nullergin-200 is effective not only against all known allergens, but also against the symptoms of the common cold. It also has a side effect of giving the user a feeling of emotional warmth and friendliness – a side effect that tends to lead to a certain sloppiness in one’s work ethic and apathy about the result, since one would rather socialise than work, and anyway, working too hard or too well would be mean to one’s competitors, who are basically nice people, right?

Nullergin-200 has since had its formulation modified, with the outer coating of the pills now a cumulative drug that increases the speed at which the anti-allergic is eliminated from the user’s body, returning the emotions of humanity to something more like normality.

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Painaway is a bog-standard pain killer which treats such ailments as headaches and menstrual cramps. It is produced by Bosh, and advertised on the crappier sort of home video tapes in the Thatcher-era United Kingdom.

Painaway is unique in advertising history for claiming to soothe the pain of Hell’s torments. The veracity of this claim remains unsubstantiated.


The Pax, or to give it its full name, G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate, was a sedative used in a social engineering project that failed disastrously. The Union of Allied Planets released it into the atmosphere of a newly settled world named Miranda in the year 2506.

In very short order, the Pax pacified the vast majority of the population there into complete inactivity. They simply stopped, wherever they were and whatever they were doing, and waited, inactive, until they died (presumably from starvation and dehydration, in most cases).

They were the lucky ones.

One tenth of one percent of the population found that the drug instead boosted their aggression to a level described as ‘beyond madness’. They became brutal, sadistic and cannibalistic, given to acts of rape, torture and self-mutilation, and were known as Reavers. The truth of their origin was revealed to the galaxy at large by Malcolm Reynolds and his crew in 2518.

Pepperup Potion

Pepperup Potion is a magical cure for the common cold, and reasonably effective at doing so.

It does, however, come with the side-effect that steam is emitted from the ears of those who take it for several hours after taking it. If muggles ever discovered it, it would be enormously popular among the mainstream for its curative effects, and among steampunks for its side effects.

It was first created by Glover Hipworth, although it is unclear whether he did so in the late 18th or early 18th centuries.

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Pitrolux is the trade name under which the chemical testopheromenal is sold in 19 countries including the USA. An underarm deodorant lotion and ‘bedroom enhancer’ for men, Pitrolux is a purple gel (sold with its own, allegedly patented, ‘soft-glide applicator’), also notable for being scented with juniper- (later replaced by ‘country apple’)…

…and for the fact that its overly testosterone-rich formulation causes numerous unpleasant side effects, such as excessive hair growth (especially on the face and torso), elongation of the larynx, enlargement of the testicles, random tissue deformities (especially on the areas of skin where Pitrolux is applied), painful and potentially life-threatening erections, truly volcanic acne, and a tendency for heavy users to become so strongly juniper-scented that no other scent can be detected from them.

It is the subject of a class action suit on behalf of numerous displeased former customers (including, notably, an all-female cheerleading squad from Texas), and the manufacturer is expected to settle out of court.


One of the best anti-arrhythmia drugs on the market, Plomox is priced accordingly – that is, ludicrously high – by its manufacturer.

For that reason, and because it can have deleterious side effects, such as causing hypertension when administered to diabetics, most doctors have a love-hate relationship with the drug. They love how effective it is, but they hate that its prohibitively high cost places it out of reach for many patients who might otherwise benefit from it. The company that created Plomox is facing a lawsuit over the drug, but few details of the case’s specifics are known.

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Provasic is a drug produced by Devlin MacGregor Pharmaceuticals which was announced as a non-invasive treatment for arterial plaque, one that would reduce the risks of heart attack and other heart problems. IN early tests, it was referred to as RDU-90.

Sadly, it was not as advertised. It caused severe liver damage in a small but significant number of patients it was administered to. The company was aware of this, and conspired to frame a Dr Richard Kimble for falsifying the tissue samples enabling FDA approval.

This scheme ultimately backfired, and Kimble exposed the conspirators with a little assistance from US Marshal Sam Gerard and his team. As a result, Provasic never went to market and several employees of Devlin MacGregor faced criminal charges for their roles in the conspiracy.


Prozium, acclaimed as the great nepenthe, the opiate of the masses and the glue of the great (read: repressively dystopian) society, is a highly potent sedative that deadens nearly all emotions to a dull hum.

Prozium is described as an anesthetic for the emotions, which implies that they’re still there, they just can’t be felt. Although given that it is apparently still necessary to destroy any art that might provoke an emotional response, one might well ask just how effective it truly is.

Still, there are some people who regard the sacrifice of all the higher emotions as a fair exchange for getting rid of the lower ones – and they’re the same people who run the world.


An analgesic and healing promoter, QuixHeal is a trade name of a human-specific healing agent that assists the body in repairing the damage done by physical injuries.

QuixHeal can be combined with other painkillers and even consumed with alcohol with no ill-effects. At higher doses, it tends to cause drowsiness and deep sleep, but it continues to work on repairing the body even while the user is sound asleep.

The effects of Quixheal are limited, and it is not a substitute for major surgery. However, it will fix most bruises, scrateches, grazes, sprains and the like, up to hairline bone fractures. Anything more serious will require proper medical attention.

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Rat Tonic

Rat tonic is a healing potion for specifically intended to heal rats. It can also be used to treat the symptoms of ageing in rats. It is sold in a small red bottle at the Magical Menagerie in Diagon Alley, and presumably at similar locations elsewhere.

It is also the case that excessive use of Rat tonic can result in the rat drinking it becoming engorged, enlarged and even deformed. It is recommended that the directions on the bottle be followed to the letter.

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Regeneration Potion

A Regeneration Potion is used to heal and restore a wizard whose after extreme physical damage, up to and including maiming and disfigurement. It is a work of the darkest magic, requiring the flesh of an ally and the blood of an enemy among its ingredients.

The entire body of the wizard being treated must be immersed in the cauldron in which it is brewed, so only the largest of cauldrons can be used in its creation. For all of these reasons, it is very rarely prepared.

In 1994, this potion was brewed to resurrect Voldemort, using the blood of his enemy, Harry Potter. The use of Potter’s blood would prove an error, as due to other enchantments placed upon it, it prevented Voldemort from killing Potter – but not the reverse.

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Shrilanka, active ingredient tshrillangaflogizini, is anti-depressive intended for use by teens and adults with moderate to severe bouts of depression, although also legally prescribable for children and pets.

Known side effects of Shrilanka include perineum incompatibility, swelling, pain, pineapple sized lesions, constipation, dry mouth, wet eyes, insomnia, drowsiness, blurred vision, and dizziness upon standing up too fast (which is to say, at anything more than about a quarter of normal human speed).

But, after 10-12 weeks of use, it will help to make the symptoms of depression and suicidal ideation go away, and make the user much less disturbing to their co-workers.


Skele-Gro is a well-known potion manufactured by Rubens Winikus and Company Inc. It is an aid to healing, which makes broken bones knit together more rapidly than they naturally would.

Unfortunately, it has several major drawbacks – it tastes terrible, it burns the throat on the way down, the bone-knitting process is still slow by magical standards while also creating excruciating pain, and it gives off smoke in a disconcerting fashion when its bottle is opened. For lack of a better replacement, it remains a go-to part of magical medicine treatments.

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Skyfish Testes

How metafictional can a metafictional drug get? Skyfish Testes is a strong contender for the most metafictional drug ever. Not only is it explicitly fictional in its own context, but that context is an hallucination occurring as part of a larger story, rendering it doubly fictional.

Skyfish Testes, if they existed, would be a treatment for cancer of the soul and mental cirrhosis – although not one that Delmar Insurance would cover. But they don’t exist, and to claim that they do is just silly.

Everyone knows that skyfish don’t have testes…

Special H

With eight times the strength of ordinary Hormone Replacement Therapy estrogen patches, Special H a.k.a. Super HRT first became available in England through the machinations of a Calais-based drug-running syndicate.

Illegal to sell in England, it was distributed by a criminal syndicate based in Little Stempington, who smuggled 300,000 patches into the country in 2006. The street value of this import was estimated at 7,500,000 pounds.

The effects of Special H vary from user to user, but often include a heightened libido and uncontrollable mood swings.


A powerful sedative, effective against humans and most bala (magical sentients), Succinylcholine is the preferred drug of the Reason regime for use as an anesthetic and paralytic.

Its use is contraindicated on the deep space dwelling redworm species, whose acidic blood reacts with Succinylcholine rather differently, causing it to act as a powerful stimulant to the dangerous beast.


In the future of 3001, after the collapse of civilisation as we know it, when the world has changed not quite beyond recognition, malarial fevers resistant to ordinary quinine will kill thousands.

But in some parts of the world – the mountains near the lake that now covers Portland, Oregon, for example – a cure may be found. That cure is Super Quinine which is found in the leaves of the plentiful rhodeodendrons that grow in that area.

It is generally accepted that these particular rhododendrons, although found growing wild (and only later cultivated) are not naturally occurring, but the result of genetic engineering carried out at some point before the fall of civilisation as we know it, although the exact details of their creation are lost.


Tranquilax is a stimulant, a sedative and a laxative. Produced by the Tranquilax company of Orbiston Parva, England, it is colloquially known as “the three in one.” It is sold in tablet form, and advertised as the drug to take “when life’s not worth living.”


However, after attracting criticism from the Reverend John Smallwood, vicar of Orbiston Parva, the stock value of Tranquilax plummeted. But once Smallwood was removed, and his criticism silenced, Tranquilax was renamed Triple Crown Unction, and with a new slogan(“Builds you up; Cleans you out”) it returned to its normal sales position.

Tricillin PDF

Tricillin PDF is broad-spectrum abti-viral that is effective against a great number of illnesses that afflict the assorted humanoid species of the Star Trek Universe. While little has been revealed about it, it seems to be a commonly-used drug across the Federation, and its name implies that it may be an antibiotic.

The most prominent use of Tricillin PDF was during the so-called ‘Double Helix’ incidents, where the drug proved effective at slowing the effects of some strains of the ‘Double Helix”, a series of weaponized viruses. For one particular strain, it halted the progress of the disease entirely, but it was not a cure. Extensive use of Tricillin PDF was successful is prolonging the lives of many of the infected until cures could be found, however.


Turgidol is a Canadian-made erectile dysfunction treatment. It is a prescription medicine that is made in pill form. Canadian customs takes a dim view of anyone trying to smuggle it.

Readily available in Canada and the United States, Turgidol is rumoured to provide some sort of high when taken by men who do not need it for its intended purpose, but details are understandably hard to come by.

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Vioplex is a pain killer produced by Pallogen. It is identical in formula to another drug created by Pallogen, HT1 – a drug that killed numerous test subjects by causing liver failures. Pallogen, although fully aware of the drug’s fatal nature, planned to market it anyway, since the profits to be made dwarfed any potential fine or court settlement it might cost them.

Fortunately, the involvement of the Leverage team in this case prevented the drug from ever being sold, and bankrupted Pallogen into the bargain.

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Wolfsbane Potion

Wolfsbane Potion is a potion with complex and powerful magical effects. It relieves the symptoms of lycanthropy (i.e. being a werewolf). As the name suggests, the plant wolfsbane (also known as aconite and monkshood) is a major ingredient.

It is important to note that Wolfsbane Potion only relieves lycanthropic symptoms – it is not a cure, but simply reduces the pain of transformation and assists the human lycanthropy sufferer to remain mentally in control when transformed.

Wolfsbane Potion is difficult to prepare and tastes horrible, which means that few werewolves even choose to use it without a pressing need. In addition, due to the fact that aconite is a deadly poison, Wolfsbane Potion must be prepared very carefully – too much aconite in the mixture will permanently cure the imbiber of lycanthropy – and life.

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Zembla-4 was an anti-asthma drug that was never actually offered for sale, due to a scandal that occurred around the time that it was going through the approvals process. Calenture-Deutz, the company behind the drug, had concealed a number of deaths among the children that it was tested upon.

The chief scientist on the project was a Dr Phillip Wang – whose murder after he threatened to blow the whistle on the deaths ultimately led to the exposure of the deaths and the utter collapse of Calenture-Deutz.

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Zydrate is a highly addictive painkiller developed by GeneCo as one aspect of its highly lucrative business plan.

Zydrate is also sold in a debased street form, which is extracted from the bodies of the dead by grave-robbing drug dealers. Street Zydrate is of highly dubious and variable quality (although always lower quality than the real drug). Although oddly, it still looks exactly like the pure kind, no matter how long the person has been dead or what quantity of Zydrate was in their system.