A cyberdrug, that is, one used only by robots and other cybernetic organisms, each Darkshot is in fact part of the body of the entity variously known as the Hell Ditch Pilgrim or Andy Soames.

One of the most potent drugs ever known, each Darkshot is a small captured quantity of Dark Energy – the very virtual particles that bind galazxies and timelines together. Taking it allows machine consciouness to access – or at least view – the root controls of the universe in some fashion.

Perhaps fortunately, Darkshots are no longer produced, as the entity that it derives from has now mutated into a more benign form.

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In the year 3000, Electricity – no, it’s not the name of some new drug, it’s the exact thing you think of when you hear the word – is dangerously addictive to robots. It causes shocking levels of intoxication, hallucinations, and worst of all, involvement with the Church of Robotology, a puritanical sect of robot worshippers whose doctrines seem to be the only way to break the cycle of addiction. (They also have a fully functional Robot Hell to which sinners are sent. It’s located in what was New Jersey.)

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A rare cyberdrug that affects both machines and people, Mechanics is a hard drug to quantify. It is slow to build into an addiction, but irreversible in its effects long before that point.

Mechanics can only be taken by a human and an artificial intelligence in tandem – it is a source code level drug that rewrites the source code of those who take it. For a human, that means DNA.

Each use of the drug transforms a little more of the user’s body into inorganic matter, slowly transforming them into a cyborg at first, and later, an artificial intelligence altogether. The high from taking the drug might fade away, but the mutations never do.

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Spark is a drug used only by robots. It is associated with the robotic criminal underclass, and seems to be roughly equivalent to the human drug Crack. It is similarly smoked from pipes, although Spark pipes bear appear to feature plasma globes as the major element on their construction, and likely the source of the eponymous sparks.

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Tripwire 7.0

A simulation of the hallucingenic experience designed for intelligent household appliances, Tripwire 7.0 is the latest in a series of such cyberdrugs.

Its popularity among sentient machines is vast, because the experience of being a household appliance, sessile constantly and unable to interact unless the humans around you decide to talk to – i.e. demand something of – you, is a spectactularly dull one.

It’s hard to blame the machines, really.

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