Human Horn

Human Horn is actually a ground up powder made from human noses, which are mistakenly believed to be the human reproductive organ by some alien races. As such, it is a sought-after aphrodisiac, although any effects it may have are purely placebo in nature.

Aliens eventually stopped trading in Human Horn after they learned the truth about it, although some alien species still seek the, uh, lower human horn for the same purposes.

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There’s no aphrodisiac quite like Loneliness, especially if you live in Sydney and you’re lonely for someone who’s in Melbourne. (I suppose the reverse is also true.)

Oh sure, there are all sorts of other things that complicate it, like truth, beauty, pictures of the one you’re missing, boredom, and so on, and so on, but at the end of the day (or more accurately, the night) it’s just Loneliness, making the heart grow fonder and the groin go yonder.


Aside from cocaine, Love is the drug that the Seventies ran on.

At least, that’s how the legend runs. (And hey, the legend gave us Rumours, so clearly there’s something to it.) In practice, it was a lot more like Lust, or perhaps Sex Addiction.

Unlike the majority of other drugs I’ve listed here, Love has the advantage of being street legal – although like most drugs, you should still exercise some caution in when, where and with whom you choose to indulge 😉

Love Bomb

A weaponised aphrodisiac designed largely for urban pacification by the US military, Love Bomb never quite lived up to its promise. Based largely on existing MDMA drugs, it was supposed to be the ultimate in disarming the enemy: literally leading them to throw down their arms – and their clothes, and whatever remaining inhibitions they might have.

Never successfully developed, Love Bomb is rumoured to have turned up on the streets from time to time, although it is unclear whether it did, or whether the stories of it are simply urban myths (or exaggerated claims by dealers).

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Love Potion No. 9

Love Potion No. 9 is an aphrodisiac of undeniable potency, and great caution is urged in its use. It is a deep black in colour and smells not unlike turpentine.

As far as can be told, it is sold only by Madame Rue, a gypsy reader of palms and maker of potions who, as of 1959, lived at a place on the corner of Vine St and 34th St (now Jefferson Boulevard) in Los Angeles, California.

It induces feelings of extreme amorousness in those who imbibe it – so great that they may feel amorous towards inanimate objects, even – although how long these feelings last, the appropriate dosage, the best-before date, and the true identity of Madame Rue (as the name is most certainly a pseudonym) are details lost in the mists of time. Lost with them, apparently, are Love Potions Number 1 through 8, whose existence can be inferred from this Potion’s number, and possibly additional Love Potions numbered 10 or higher.


Perhaps the ultimate aphrrodisiac, MDA-Cubed is a spectacularly potent date-rape drug that heightens the sexual impulse to the level of insanity. Users have been known to couple with anyone and anything, their usual sexual preferences notwithstanding. This is not limited to people, but also includes animals, plants and the occasional mechinical device or piece of furniture.

Immensely dangerous to social mores, MDA-Cubed is also in that class of drugs that is never as good afte the first time – not that this stops chronic users from chasing that high again and again.

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Ocephalus Nectar

Ocephalus Nectar, often called simply Nectar, is a pink liquid produced by the large, butterfly-like insects from the planet Amphibios 9. It is used primarily as a steroid in the Moon-based sport of Butterfly Derby, but has other effects as well.

As a steroid, it enhances the user’s musculature, but especially the muscles used in flying. However, in its original context it is quite different, and is a pheromone produced by the male butterflies to attract the females. Female humans who take the drug regularly become addicted, but also highly attracted to any male – of any species – who has a large concentration of Ocephalus Nectar in their system, and compelled to mate with them.

Effects on the male include mutating into a buttefly-like hybrid and a similar compulsion to mate until such time as the chemical is used up in their system.

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ORGASMOR is a legal drug which is applied as a lotion. It is reputed to have aphrodisiac and lubricious properties, although these statements are made nowhere in the advertising.

In fact, its chemical properties are not terribly dissimilar to those of Coca Cola, and all the reported results can safely be attributed to the placebo effect.

ORGASMOR is known to exist in most of a cluster of closely-related alternate timelines or eigenstates.

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Pahzik Horn

The Pahzik are a species of semi-domesticated herd animal, native to the planet Kupoh a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Their meat is tasty and nutritious, but it is their horns that they are most prized for.

Pahzik horn is reputed to have aphrodisiac powers, and a thriving black market exists in selling it to various off-worlders, usually ground into a powder for easier transportation and consumption. It is unclear what, if any, powers Pahzik horn possesses beyond the power to separate rich idiots from their credits.


Made in the depths of Hell from the sufferings of the damned, Pain is a gray powder. It is treated much like snuff by the demons who take it, and usually stored in snuff boxes.

The effects it has on the demonic physiology are as many and as varied as those physiologies, although the two universal constants are that it enhances the pleasure of sex, and that, although it is possible to resist the drug’s effects, it is painful to do so.

When used by the damned themselves, it appears to intensify sensation to a painful degree.