Time After Time is designed to display a lyric for whatever time you’re looking at it – although sadly, the clock is stuck in the timezone of Melbourne (Narrm), Australia (UST+10, or +11 in daylight savings time), so it may not match the time (or season) where you are. It is inspired by Christian Marclay’s 2010 film The Clock – although unlike Mr Marclay, I have not (yet) been able to find a lyric for every minute of the day, so sometimes when you look at it, you’ll see instead the lyric for the most recent time there’s one for.

How It Works:
For every time I can find a lyric for, I’ve added it to my list here. A given lyric appears starting from the minute in mentions – it can stay there for several minutes, if there isn’t one for the following minute, or the minutes after that. If there’s more than one lyric for a particular time, a randomly selected lyric for that time from among the ones on the list. If a lyric specifies a day of the week, or a date, then it will only show up for those days or times – which means that some lyrics might only appear for a single minute, once a year!

A few stats about the project: there are currently lyrics covering 306 of the day’s 3600 minutes (although some of them may only be covered one day of the week – or even the year), taken from 541 songs by 483 different performers, with more being added all the time.

How You Can Help:
If you happen to be looking at the site, and you see a time for which there is no lyric – or a time when multiple lyrics turn up – please let me know! I can’t look at the site 24/7, I need your help to help catch these kinds of errors. And, of course, if you have a song you want to see added to Time After Time, please don’t hesitate to say so in the comments.

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