1977 — Christopher ‘The Falcon’ Boyce is arrested

An employee of TRW in California from 1974, Boyce was disturbed by misrouted cables for the CIA that he began receiving at work, which made it look as if the CIA was conspiring to destroy the government of Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam (who was acting in a way that the Agency considered contrary to American interests) and to similarly meddle in the affairs of other American allies. Disgusted by what he regarded as this betrayal of America’s allies, Boyce retaliated by selling CIA secrets to the KGB.

Unfortunately for him, his intermediary was an old high school buddy, cocaine and heroin dealer Andrew Daulton Lee, who took the information to the Soviet embassy in Mexico City. When Lee was arrested by the Mexican police on an unrelated charge, he had on him microfilm intended for the Soviets – and it didn’t take long for him to implicate Boyce as well. Ten days after Lee’s arrest, Boyce was picked up by the FBI. Later, he would be sentenced to 40 years in prison on espionage charges, although he was later paroled after serving 25 years.

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