Wyndham Vale

Notoriously an unlucky place to hold a wedding, the so-called vale is broad and flat, more a plain than any sort of valley, although where the Werribee River passes through it, its channel is a deep notch in the ground. The area was once considered a fine place to hold a wedding, for those who liked a compromise between city and bush churches: one (or in the case of most weddings, two) could have the social standing of a city wedding with the informality of a bush wedding.

But the gale force gusting that blew across the plains was a distinct problem. Wedding feasts would be covered in dust on the dry days, while on the wet days, expensive wedding clothes would be plastered to the bodies of their wearers by rain that seemed almost horizontal (although for decorum’s sake, this was still considered preferable to the days when the wind simply made off with insecurely fastened bridesmaids dresses).

There never was a Wyndham to give the area his or her name – that was the invention of later historians who sought to clean up the image of the area. There was simply the pub named for the breezy weddings that took place nearby, the Wind and Veil.

Suburbs near Wyndham Vale:

Eynesbury Mount Cottrell Mount Cottrell Mount Cottrell Tarneit
Eynesbury Wyndham Vale Mount Cottrell Tarneit Tarneit
Quandong Wyndham Vale Wyndham Vale Tarneit Tarneit
Quandong Wyndham Vale Wyndham Vale Wyndham Vale Werribee
Mambourin Mambourin Wyndham Vale Werribee Werribee
Mambourin Mambourin Werribee Werribee Werribee
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