Wheelers Hill

Of all the areas involved in the casting of the Ritual of the Seven Hills in Melbourne, it is Wheelers Hill which bears the most ironic name. Specifically titled for its place in the ritual representing the man-made world, Wheelers Hill was for many years the least developed of all the seven hills, although a boom in residential developments in the 1970s (spurred by the construction of nearby VFL Park) finally saw it become a suburb rather than a small township surrounded by farms.

At the time it was named, however, it seemed like a much better choice. The area was slated to not merely be tied to the ever-growing railway network of Melbourne, but to two separate lines which would meet there on their way to Rowville – hence the name, in fact, as the sound of train wheels against metal rails was expected to characterise the area from then on. Sadly, neither the spur line along North Road from Huntingdale nor the extension of the Glen Waverly line ever eventuated, and the name became an artifact of a future that never arrived.

However, given that the area had already been reshaped by the hand of man to a great extent – its forests cleared, its hills and flats cut into neat little straight-edged parcels, and its grasses eaten to the root by introduced livestock species – it is unclear whether Wheelers Hill played a part in the failure of the ritual.

Suburbs near Wheelers Hill:

Glen Waverley Glen Waverley Glen Waverley Glen Waverley Wantirna
Glen Waverley Glen Waverley Wheelers Hill Wheelers Hill Scoresby
Mulgrave Wheelers Hill Wheelers Hill Wheelers Hill Scoresby
Mulgrave Mulgrave Wheelers Hill Wheelers Hill Scoresby
Mulgrave Mulgrave Wheelers Hill Wheelers Hill Rowville
Mulgrave Mulgrave Mulgrave Mulgrave Mulgrave
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