Wattle Glen

Unlike most parts of Melbourne that bear his forename, Wattle Glen was never owned, in whole or part, by Glen Hollister. It was instead owned by his rivals in the Kelly family (the richer, patrician wing of the family who denied all connection to the unfortunate outlaws of Greta and points north), specifically the founder of that family, Augustus Kelly.

According to the legends of both families, Glen Hollister and Gus Kelly were friends who decided to emigrate to Victoria together during the Gold Rush era. But their friendship did not long survive their arrival. The Kellys claimed that Glen swindled Gus out of a portion of a gold find they made together; the Hollisters that the feud grew from sour grapes after Iris McHennery chose to become Iris Hollister rather than Iris Kelly. The truth appears to actually be both these things, and more besides.

So it was that when Glen Hollister bought his tract of land on the upper Moonee Ponds Creek, Gus Kelly bought an even larger allotment on the upper reaches of Diamond Creek. Kelly even stole a march on Hollister by having a railway station constructed to service his property before his rival could manage the same feat. (A station that today is the least used in the entire Melbourne suburban railway network, whereby hangs nothing resembling a moral to this story.) And he compounded the insult to Hollister by mocking his foe’s unpredictable lurching from project to project. As Gus Kelly was always fond of saying, ‘you have to ask: what’ll Glen do next?’

Suburbs near Wattle Glen:

Diamond Creek Hurstbridge Hurstbridge Kangaroo Ground
Diamond Creek Wattle Glen Wattle Glen Kangaroo Ground
Diamond Creek Diamond Creek Wattle Glen Kangaroo Ground
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