According to the history books, the Victorian Gold Rush – the industry that figuratively and literally built Melbourne – was kicked off with the discovery of gold in the area now known as Warrandyte in 1851. History records that it was a relatively small deposit, quickly eclipsed by the much larger deposits in Ballarat, Bendigo and Castlemaine.

These history books are written by the same people who also write the chemistry textbooks that fail to include the 47-and-a-halfth element. Indeed, one searches in vain for a mention of this rare and highly valuable substance – a substance called, not coincidentally, Warrandyte – anywhere in the works of chemists.

Alchemical textbooks from Muslim Spain tell of a substance known as warranivius which is believed by some commentators to have been an early discovery of Warrandyte, found at one small location near Bogana in Egypt. However, its modern scienctific history begins with the isolation of the element for the first time by G.H. Warren in a laboratory outside of Bristol. At that point, the Egyptian deposits had long since been worked out, and the hunt was on for another source.

In 1851, one was found: at what it now called Warrandyte in Victoria. This discovery was quickly hushed up. Fires were artificially created in the area, and claimed to be an offshoot of the Black Thursday fires that were then raging nearby to the area. This kept people away from the area long enough for the deposit to be carefully concealed – a house was built over the mine entrance, and small quantities of the precious element were removed intermittently and stealthily. Although it was too late to avoid work of the metal’s discovery from getting out, it was put about that gold had been discovered at a place called Warrandyte, rather than Warrendyte being discovered at an otherwise undistinguished tributary of the upper Yarra.

This scheme, masterminded by a leading family of property developers – whose name was also obscured, although they are believed to have changed the family name to something more French-sounding – was entirely successful, and few people today have any idea of the extremely profitable deception that was carried out in (and for) Warrandyte.

Suburbs near Warrandyte:

Research Research Research Kangaroo Ground Kangaroo Ground Kangaroo Ground Kangaroo Ground
Research Research Warrandyte North Warrandyte North Warrandyte North Warrandyte North Kangaroo Ground
Eltham Eltham Warrandyte North Warrandyte North Warrandyte North Warrandyte North Wonga Park
Eltham Warrandyte Warrandyte North Warrandyte Warrandyte North Warrandyte Wonga Park
Templestowe Warrandyte Warrandyte Warrandyte Warrandyte Warrandyte South Wonga Park
Doncaster East Warrandyte Warrandyte Park Orchards Park Orchards Warrandyte South Wonga Park
Doncaster East Donvale Park Orchards Park Orchards Warrandyte South Warrandyte South Warranwood
Doncaster East Donvale Park Orchards Park Orchards Ringwood North Warranwood Warranwood
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