Variopoly game: The Mad Bomber

This week, a variant with a ticking clock – although that’s not all that’s ticking. The Mad Bomber variant of Monopoly is ideal for a shorter than usual game…

You will need

  • A Monopoly set.

Variant Rules
All rules are as normal for Monopoly with the exception of the following:

  1. During set up, one of the unused Monopoly pieces (if you’re using a standard set, the cannon would be an appropriate choice) is selected to represent the Mad Bomber.
  2. The Mad Bomber moves by rolling the dice at the start of each turn, i.e. before the players do. The players can take turns to roll for the Mad Bomber. If the Mad Bomber lands on Go To Jail, he is sent to Jail, and can leave it in the same way that any player does.
  3. Each time the Mad Bomber lands on a property, he bombs it. The only exceptions are Community Chest, Chance, Jail, Just Visiting, Free Parking, Go To Jail, the two Tax spaces and Go. The Mad Bomber does not draw cards from Community Chest or Chance
  4. Bombing has the following effects:
    • If the property is un-owned, it is destroyed. Take the property card and place it face down on the appropriate square of the board to indicate this.
    • If the property is owned, it is damaged. All improvements (i.e. houses and hotels) on the property are destroyed, and the card is turned over – the owner must pay the bank the cost of the mortgage to repair it and turn it back the right way up.
  5. Destroyed properties cannot be sold, bought or repaired – they remain destroyed for the rest of the game. If they are part of a set, that set is now considered to be one property smaller for purposes of improving other properties in the set.
  6. If a player lands on a destroyed property, they may choose to roll one die, and move that number of squares in addition to their regular move. If that also lands them on a destroyed property, they must remain there until their next move.
  7. If a player lands on a square occupied by the bomber, or vice versa, the two must fight. Each rolls a die to see what results:
    • if the player rolls higher, the Mad Bomber is stopped, and the player gets a $200 reward from the bank, plus $50 from each of the other players.
    • if the Mad Bomber rolls higher, he continues to move normally on his next turn, and the player misses their next turn but suffers no other effects.
    • if they roll the same number, roll again as many times as needed to get one of the above two results.

Winning the Game

  1. as per the normal rules of Monopoly; or
  2. if the Mad Bomber has destroyed every property on the board, he is the winner.

Changing it up:
If you want even more variation, here are some other ideas for Mad Bomber games:

  • let the Mad Bomber destroy the Jail as well if he lands on it. If this happens, while landing on Go To Jail still sends a player to the Jail square, they are considered to be Just Visiting, and can move freely on the following turn.
  • alternately, the Mad Bomber can only bomb the Jail from the inside – if he is sent to Jail, and rolls doubles on his turn, he escapes, destroying the Jail in the process.
  • a player who is on a square where the Mad Bomber lands can instead be killed, and thus removed from the game, either automatically or as a consequence of losing the fight with the Mad Bomber
  • allow players to return bombed properties to the bank. Note that if doing so breaks up a set, it means that all houses and hotels on the other properties in the set are also lost and must be returned to the bank also.

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