Variopoly game: Exorcism

A very different style of Monopoly.

You will need

  • A Monopoly set.
  • two blank cards
  • pen and paper

Variant Rules
All rules are as normal for Monopoly with the exception of the following:

  1. When setting up the game, label the blank cards, one each for Free Parking and Jail
  2. Players may not purchase or improve properties
  3. If a player lands on a property, they must pay the rent. After the rent is paid, the property card for that property (or the labelled blank) is placed face up on the property, indicating that the property is now considered Haunted.
  4. The next player to land on the property (even if it is the same player) may choose to exorcise the ghost of a Haunted property. If they do so, they receive an amount equal to half the mortgage value of the property from the bank and take the card for the property.
  5. When a property is exorcised, a house or hotel is placed upon it to indicate this. No rent is charged to any future player who lands there. This applies to all properties, including Jail and Free Parking.
  6. Players cannot exorcise the Jail from Just Visiting – they must actually go to Jail.
  7. The game continues until all properties have been exorcised.

Winning the Game

  1. as per the normal rules of Monopoly.
  2. alternately, the player with the greatest number of property cards (i.e. completed exorcisms) is the winner.

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