Variopoly game: Agriculture

This particular take on the game changes the urbanisation that characterises Monopoly to something a little more rural in nature.

Think of it as a special July 4 celebration – turning America’s game into something that more closely reflects the ‘real’ America so beloved of conservatives.

You will need

  • A Monopoly set.
  • pens and paper

Variant Rules
All rules are as normal for Monopoly with the exception of the following:

  1. At any time during their own turn, player may choose to set aside any complete set of properties – not utilities or railroads – for agriculture rather than development.
  2. Properties set aside for agriculture cannot have more than one house built on them. If there are any more houses or hotels on the property already, these are demolished and lost.
  3. All rents charged on properties set aside for agriculture are doubled.
  4. Each time a player with properties set aside for agriculture passes Go, they must roll two dice for each group of properties they have set aside to determine profits or losses:
    • 2 – lose $200
    • 3 – break even – gain nothing, lose nothing
    • 4 – break even – gain nothing, lose nothing
    • 5 – gain $200
    • 6 – gain $200
    • 7 – gain $200
    • 8 – gain $200
    • 9 – gain $200
    • 10 – gain $350
    • 11 – gain $350
    • 12 – gain $500

    Note that these amounts are in addition to the standard $200.

  5. Players may decide at any time during their turn to convert properties from agriculture to development.

Winning the Game

  1. as per the normal rules of Monopoly.

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