“The Time Warp” from ‘The Rocky Horror Show’

“You’re spaced out on sensation – Like you’re under sedation”

I don’t know what sedatives are like on the planet of Transsexual, in the galaxy of Transylvania – or whether the biochemistry of a Transsexual is sufficiently different from that of a DirtlingEarthling that there’s some sort of peculiar reaction to our Earth sedatives…

…but it’s always been my impression that when one is under sedation, one is free from all sensation…

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  1. Sometimes people DO have a weird opposite reaction to sedatives, and actually get seriously hyped up on them. (Apparently morphine hypes up cats, too… hmmm.)

    Then again, whether you’re hyped up and free of all sensation or hyped up and getting overload from everything is a whole other question…

  2. Sometimes, yes. But rarely. Not every time, which is what the lyric implies 🙂

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