Taylors Hill

It is here, at the hill that bears his name, that the final tally of the life of Archibald Everett Taylor can be reckoned. After the failure of the casting of the Ritual of the Seven Hills that he led, little remains except a few place names to mark his influence on Melbourne – and few occupants of any of those suburbs know the origins of the names they bear.

But it is here, as in its sister suburb, Taylors Lakes, that a truly lasting legacy remains. The mighty hill that gives this suburb its name was not, after all, a natural feature of the area. It was built, load by load, by the soil and rock excavated from what is now Taylors Lake. And for many years, it was bald hill from which mud flowed each time it rained.

The greening of the hill took place relatively shortly after the casting of the Forest Hill portion of the Ritual of the Seven Hills, but that’s surely no more than a coincidence. Surely.

Suburbs near Taylors Hill:

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