Declan Tarneit was a horseman who, despite all the determination in the world, just wasn’t very good at his job. It didn’t help much that he fancied himself much more skilled than he was, or routinely chose the horses who were the most stubborn, the most energetic, the most capable of sustained exertion or the most cunning. But no amount of saddlesores, chafing, displaced vertebrae or broken bones could dissuade Tarneit of what he knew in his heart (nor of the fact that his heart was self-evidently that of an idiot). Tarneit had a hard head, and it got no softer (or smarter, more’s the pity) from all the times he landed on it.

Horses supposedly being trained or broken by Tarneit would often escapoe from his property north of Werribee, something Tarneit tried desperately to cover up by claiming an ever greater amount of property as his own. The current boundaries of the suburb massively understate this claim – only the edge along the Melton-Werribee Road was one he recognized. To the north, south and west, Tarneit claimed land as far afield as the outskirts of Meredith.

Declan Tarneit eventually died while trying to break yet another horse, when he fell from its back and caught his foot in the stirrup, leading to him being dragged half a mile before the horse could be stopped – by which time his neck was broken in three places.

Suburbs near Tarneit:

Mount Cottrell Mount Cottrell Mount Cottrell Truganina Truganina
Mount Cottrell Mount Cottrell Tarneit Tarneit Truganina
Mount Cottrell Tarneit Tarneit Tarneit Truganina
Wyndham Vale Tarneit Tarneit Tarneit Hoppers Crossing
Wyndham Vale Tarneit Tarneit Hoppers Crossing Hoppers Crossing
Wyndham Vale Werribee Werribee Hoppers Crossing Hoppers Crossing
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