Coltari is a deadly poison, used by the Moredhel of Midkemia during their alliance with the Six. It is believed to originate on the world of Kelewan (and carried to Midkemia by Tsurani magicians),

A thin green substance, Coltari is a strong and deadly poison that few beings can withstand. Although the nature of its physical substance is not described, it can be used to envenom weapons, suggesting a viscous liquid. Even Tomas, the reborn Valheru, took several weeks to recover from being shot by such a weapon, and it is surely fatal to any human, elf or dwarf who ingests it.

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Dream, also known as Bliss, is an addictive narcotic sold by assorted drug dealers in the world of Midkemia.

The few users that are mentioned are all whores, and it’s possible that Dream is provided to them by their pimps to keep them addicted and willing to work. The drug’s hallucinogenic properties provide an escape from the crushing reality of their lives (as whores working from brutal criminals in a world with medieval technology), but the need to pay for it embeds them further into these lives. It is a deeply unpleasant situation, and more than one such user of Dream has committed suicide.


A common drug among the poorer citizens of the Empire of Great Kesh, on the world of Midkemia, Joy is a strong euphoric, commonly found in powdered form.

A small amount of Joy, which is usually taken mixed with water or wine, is sufficient for a night’s euphoria. A not much larger dose could reduce the user to a blissed-out stupor lasting days, and in sufficient quantities, it will simply render the user unconscious until it leaves their system.

It is sometimes transported in a more concentrated form, a yellow powder called Heart of Joy that is worth around a thousand times the street value of Joy.

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