Aldetox is exactly what its named suggests it to be: a treatment for relieving the symptoms of alcohol consumption in humans.

Generally consumed (like the alcohol) as a liquid, it appears to be equally effective against intoxication and hangovers. While it has never been confirmed, it is likely that Aldetox was created by one or more of the godlike Artificial Intelligences that govern the Polity.

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Praist is an intoxicant and mild hallucinogen, native to and highly popular on the world of Banjer, now a member of the Polity.

It is consumed most often in the form of a tea-like drink, and is rated to be about as addictive as nicotine. It is a byproduct of the lifecycle of the treel, worm-like creatures that live in symbiosis with a plant called the banoak. Upon the death of the treels, the substance is extracted from their bodies and lightly treated to reach a saleable form. Praist is no longer common on Banjer, as that world’s accession to the Polity resulted in the crime gangs that sold it being wiped out.

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