Alphanella Seeds

A highly addictive hallucinogen, Alphanella seeds are used by many artists throughout the galaxy – notably the painter Poor Yorick – to help fuel their inspiration. Strangely, despite the popularity of the seeds, little is known of the Alphanella plant, although it is presumably either quick-growing, adaptable to wide range of climes, or both.

The seeds themselves are small and brown, but each of them is quite potent, although the effects tend to wear off quickly. The effects include enhanced senses and cognition, and an unchained imagination. But long term use tends to debilitate the user, leaving them unable to think or talk straight when they are not on the drug.

Higher doses can induce trance-like states that last for several hours, sometimes even days.

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Few details have been revealed about Bliathol. It is a truth drug in use by the Navy of the human Republic in the 1960s of their calendar (approximately the 4950s CE).

It is unclear how effective it is, as it is certainly possible to be conditioned against its effects, as many Navy members are.


One of the more effective Truth Sera, Niathol is usually administered by syringe in quite small quantities – rarely more than 2cc’s, except for the largest people.

This is because it doesn’t take much more of it to kill. Niathol is stored frozen, but cannot be refrozen safely, and thus any remaining unused quantities of it must be disposed of carefully – molecular dispersal is usually considered the minimum degree of care.

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