Made in the depths of Hell from the sufferings of the damned, Pain is a gray powder. It is treated much like snuff by the demons who take it, and usually stored in snuff boxes.

The effects it has on the demonic physiology are as many and as varied as those physiologies, although the two universal constants are that it enhances the pleasure of sex, and that, although it is possible to resist the drug’s effects, it is painful to do so.

When used by the damned themselves, it appears to intensify sensation to a painful degree.

Happy Pills

Little is known of Happy Pills, a highly addictive drug apparently created by Shi’ar criminals. Indeed, it’s likely that Happy Pills is only a nickname for the drug.

What little can be inferred regarding the drug suggests that is a potent painkiller that induces mild euphoria – no doubt the Shi’ar physiology’s equivalent of an opiate.