June 24, 1900 — Picasso has his first public exhibition

Pablo Picasso’s first public exhibition of his works was held in Barcelona, four months short of his nineteenth birthday. Much of his early work is now considered derivative, showing clear signs of the influence of those earlier painters that Picasso admired, such as El Greco, Diego Velaskes and Fransisco Goya.

The exhibition consisted of 150 portraits of Picasso’s friends, and was well-received. Picasso would shortly afterwards relocate to Paris, and embark on what would become known as his ‘Blue Period.’

Subsequently, Pablo Picasso was frequently called an asshole.

June 24, 1993 — Dr David Gerlertner is injured by the Unabomber’s mail bomb

Gerlertner was a professor of computer science at Yale University who made important contributions to his discipline in the seventies and eighties. He is credited (along with Nicholas Carriero) as the inventor of tuple spaces, a programming concept originally created in the Linda programming language, which inspired similar ideas in several other languages, including Java, Lisp, Python, Ruby and .NET.

In June of 1993, he was the first person to receive a letter bomb from the newly active Unabomber, who had last bombed someone six years earlier. Gerlertner was badly injured by the bomb’s detonation, and although he later recovered, his right hand and eye sustained permanent damage. Gerlertner returned to studying and teaching after his convalescence, and the Unabomber was eventually caught a little under three years later. A violent anti-technologist, he had deliberately targeted Gerlertner and others.

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