June 12, 1994 — Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are found murdered

Nicole Brown Simpson had been divorced from O.J. Simpson for two years at the time she was murdered. She and her friend Ronald Goldman were murdered by a person or persons unknown in her own house, in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Suspicion immediately fell on her ex-husband, for a number of reasons: he had not contested her claims of spousal abuse in their divorce proceedings; he fled from police when they attempted to bring him in for questioning; his car contained what appeared to be preparations to flee the country; he made confused statements in court and to the media, some of which were interpreted as confessions.

He was eventually found not guilty of the murders, as he had pled at his arraignment. But that didn’t stop him from writing a bestseller entitled If I Did It some years later. Whether he is guilty of murder or not, he is at very least clearly guilty of colossal chutzpah.

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By Peter K. Levy from New York, NY, United States – George Sand, Public Domain, Link

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June 12, 1977 — Victoria’s Secret is founded

Founded by Roy and Gaye Raymond, Victoria’s Secret grew, although slowly, over its first five years. In 1982, when the Raymonds sold it to Leslie Wexner, the business consisted of five lingerie stores. Wexner aggressively expanded it, and by the early nineties, there were 350 stores, many of them in malls, and the company’s annual turnover had grown to over a billion dollars.

However, the company has struggled in recent years, due to changing consumer tastes and a run of bad publicity. Such as this song:

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