Zombie Crack

A particularly hideous variant of crack cocaine, Zombie Crack kills the body of the user, allowing them to be ridden by whoever has the magic to do so.

Zombie Crack was the result of a deal cut by certain executives at Unitol, a Chicago-based pharmaceutical company and the scorpion-loa Baron Zaraguin. It contained enchanted crystals that served as psychic foci for the mind-riding of the bodies.

However, once Baron Zaraguin was alerted to the fact that the white men who ran Unitol were using the drug to demean and degrade the young negroes of Chicago (who by descent should be Zaraguin’s people), he withdrew his magic from the crystals, and the drug reverted to normal crack cocaine.

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It is actually unclear whether or not Krystal actually exists, even in its own context.

It may be that it is simply a mixture of whatever drugs Wallace Sage had to hand when he tried to commit suicide – a cocktail of aspirin, acid and whatever else he could find.

It may be that it is a substance powerful enough to project the user into another context entirely.

It may be that is nothing more than a syringe full of green ink.

Whatever it is, taking it is invariably fatal, unless it isn’t, and tends to make one either hallucinate that one is a superhero and that other superheroes are also real; or, more disturbingly, actually project you into a world where you are a superhero alongside other superheroes.

I’d explain it more clearly, but that’s the magic of Grant Morrison.


Kick is the street name of the drug Hypercortisone D – but it’s really a sentient bacterium that more often goes by the name Sublime.

Native to the Marvel Universe, Kick appears to cause psychosis, but this is actually the result of it enabling Sublime to control the minds of whoever takes it – a list which includes Kid Omega, Beast and Magneto (or possibly Xorn – accounts vary). In at least one alternate future, this drug/entity actually succeeded in taking over the world, which is a rare accomplishment for any drug to claim.

Sublime/Kick has few discernable goals, but one of them is the absolute destruction of mutantkind, which it regards as one of the few threats to its existence – largely because it can control mutants only when they take it in Kick, rather than the purely viral control that is sufficient to control most humans.

Key 17

Key 17 is a potent hallucinogen with highly specialised effects.

It causes the user to experience written signals as the objects themselves – a coffee mug reading ‘world’s greatest dad’ would be perceived as the user’s father, for example.

Key 17 is used as a means of interrogation by the agents of the Outer Church, who use it to substitute for actual torture by creating the illusion that such torture has taken place. Key 17 also appears to have a secondary effect (common to hallucinogens in general) of messing with the user’s sense of time’s passage.

A similar drug called Key 23 also exists – it appears to be a later refinement of of the original.

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Blue Mold

The Blue Mold grows wild on the walls of the derelict parts of London’s underground railway network. It’s slightly luminous, but for the real fun to start, you have to smoke it.

Smoked in a pipe, joint or bong, the Blue Mold is a powerful hallucinogenic that unshackles one’s mind from this reality, and allows it to perceive normally invisible parallel dimensions.

It’s used in the initiatory ceremonies of the mysterious conspiracy known as The Invisibles, and possibly in others of their ceremonies as well. In the world of the Invisibles, not only are the words of the prophets writtten on the subway walls, but the source of all their visions grows there free for anyone to take.

Related drugs: Key 17 and Zombie Crack.