Comatonin is an injectable horse tranquilizer with a delayed, but strong effect – it will put horses to sleep entirely. It takes effect on smaller creatures, like jockeys, much faster. It is sometimes used to illegally fix the results of horse races in the year 3002.

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Dr Flim Flam’s Miracle Cream

Dr Flim Flam’s Miracle Cream, or just plain Miracle Cream, is an over-looked product of Dr Flim Flam, which very few people realise actually works. When used by humans, or mutant humans, it can great super powers such as super-strength, super-speed and invulnerability. The problem is, it only has a limited duration of effectiveness, which appears to be about a day or so, and comes only in a limited supply, one tube at a time (about the same size as a standard toothpaste tube).

Since Dr Flim Flam’s products are sold only from the covered wagon of Dr Flim Flam, it may be some time before they are again available.

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In the year 3000, Electricity – no, it’s not the name of some new drug, it’s the exact thing you think of when you hear the word – is dangerously addictive to robots. It causes shocking levels of intoxication, hallucinations, and worst of all, involvement with the Church of Robotology, a puritanical sect of robot worshippers whose doctrines seem to be the only way to break the cycle of addiction. (They also have a fully functional Robot Hell to which sinners are sent. It’s located in what was New Jersey.)

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Human Horn

Human Horn is actually a ground up powder made from human noses, which are mistakenly believed to be the human reproductive organ by some alien races. As such, it is a sought-after aphrodisiac, although any effects it may have are purely placebo in nature.

Aliens eventually stopped trading in Human Horn after they learned the truth about it, although some alien species still seek the, uh, lower human horn for the same purposes.

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In the year 3001, Slurm is the most popular soft drink in the universe. It’s like Coke in our time, only moreso – it is literally advertised with the slogan “It’s Highly Addictive!“, and distributed solely by the Bureau of Soft Drinks, Tobacco, and Firearms.

The Planet Express Crew at one point won a competition to get a tour of the Slurm factory, and learned the terrible secret of Slurm‘s origin: it is excreted by the Worm Queen of planet Wormulon. So great was Fry’s addiction to Slurm that he conspired to conceal this secret just so that he could go on drinking it.

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Space Honey

Space Honey is an extremely potent sedative, with a little chant to help you remember just how potent:
One spoonful calms you down. Two spoonfuls help you sleep. But three spoonfuls and you’ll go into a sleep so deep you’ll never wake up. Never!

Fortunately, Space Honey is actually just a hallucination, caused by poisoning from space bee stings. Or else Leela would really have been in trouble.

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