A common although new street drug in the year 2052, Zyme is believed to have first been created in New York City. At very least, that is where it first came to the attention of law enforcement.

The effects of Zyme vary according to the individual (and also to the quality and purity of the dose taken, both of which are wildly variable as with most street drugs), but commonly cause what is characterised as a “delirium” for approximately one minute. There is some evidence suggesting that this can cause permanent mental damage, and the drug has been given the highest priority by law enforcement.

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Ambrosia (Deus Ex)

The one and only vaccine for the mysterious Gray Death nanoplague, Ambrosia, a product of the VersaLife company, is also, technically, not a drug. Rather, it is a non-organic compound containing eutactic (that is, ‘perfectly ordered’) components: it is, like the Gray Death, a form of nanotechnology. And given that nanotechnology can only be produced with the use of a Universal Constructor – all of which are controlled by MJ12 – it forms part of a system of control (along with the plague it cures) for that conspiracy.

The artificial and sinister nature of Ambrosia goes a long way towards explaining why it is a near-perfect cure for and source of immunity to the Gray Death – but also why a single dose, usually 20cc, only works for 48 hours at a time. It is not, despite the use of the word above, actually a vaccine, but more of an artificial antibody. It is also extremely valuable and hard to come by, and legal use is largely restricted to those whom MJ12 finds useful: government officials, military personnel, the rich and influential, scientists, the intellectual elite, and anyone else deemed “vital to the social order”.

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