Turgidol is a Canadian-made erectile dysfunction treatment. It is a prescription medicine that is made in pill form. Canadian customs takes a dim view of anyone trying to smuggle it.

Readily available in Canada and the United States, Turgidol is rumoured to provide some sort of high when taken by men who do not need it for its intended purpose, but details are understandably hard to come by.

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Taxi is a street drug, sold in small vials of liquid, that hit the streets of Brooklyn in 2015.

Its name derives from the fact that is yellow, and that it ‘gets you where you want to go.’ The exact properties of Taxi have rarely been detailed, but it was sold as an upper.

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Gigglepig is a variant form of ecstasy that experienced a brief vogue as the party drug du jour in Brooklyn in the second half of 2014.

Due the efforts of a New York Police Department task force headed by detective Rosa Diaz of the Ninety-Ninth Precinct, the pipeline smuggling the drug into the city was shut down, and the remaining street supplies of Gigglepig were consumed or abandoned shortly thereafter.

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