August 17, 2020 — Nandi Bushell challenges Dave Grohl to a drum battle

Nandi Bushell was only 10 years old when she took to Twitter to challenge Dave Grohl to a drum battle playing his song “Everlong”. The English girl was a huge fan of Grohl’s work, and in the tweet, she also expressed her desire to jam with Grohl and the rest of Foo Fighters.

Grohl accepted the challenge, and duly recorded a version of “Everlong” on his daughter’s drum kit, challenging Bushell in turn to record a version of “Dead End Friends” by Crooked Vultures. When Bushell did, Grohl conceded that she had beaten him – in round one.

Round two kicked off when Grohl wrote and recorded an all new song in tribute to Nandi and her excellent drum playing. His daughters provided backing vocals for the song.

August 17, 1980 — Azaria Chamberlain disappears

It became one of the most controversial court cases in Australian history.

On August 17, 1980, Lindy and Michael Chamberlain were camping with friends in the Australian Outback, not far from Uluru (Ayers Rock). Lindy had been in one of the tents with the infant Azaria, when suddenly she came rushing back into the main part of the campsite, crying “A dingo’s got my baby!”

What followed would be a long series of investigations, claims and counterclaims. Eventually, Lindy would be convicted of Azaria’s murder, and served several years in prison for it. Azaria Chamberlain, whatever her true fate, was never seen again, alive or dead, although the clothes she was allegedly wearing at the time of her disappearance were found near a dingo lair, torn and blood-stained, a week later.