November 22, 1995 — “Money Train” premieres

Not the greatest movie in the career of either Wesley Snipes or Woody Harrelson, and seen as decidedly average by most reviewers, “Money Train” tells the story of an out of work man (Harrelson) who plans a train robbery and his foster brother (Snipes) who works as a transit cop.

The film made only $77 million – not even $10 million more than its budget – and was rated only 22% on Rotten Tomatoes (a ‘rotten’ rating).

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October 4, 1995 — OJ Simpson is acquitted of murder

There has been no justice for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Ever.

Either the court’s verdict was incorrect, and her ex-husband OJ Simpson did murder them both; or the verdict was correct, in which case the true murderer is still out there.

Some years after the trial, OJ wrote a book entitled If I Did It, in which he outlined, hypothetically (or so he claimed) how he would have committed the murders if he had. If the verdict of the court was correct, then this book is merely a shameless grab for more money and media attention in the worst possible taste; if the verdict was incorrect, then it was not just a shameless grab for more money and media attention in the worst possible taste, but also a taunt to all those who would like to believe that our system of justice truly works.

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May 19, 1995 — “Die Hard With A Vengeance” is released

The third film in Bruce Willis’ highly successful Die Hard franchise, this was the only one to actually be set in New York – which is kinda weird when you consider that John McClane is a member of the NYPD. It also famously re-united Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, even featuring a couple of call backs to their previous film together (in which they never actually shared the screen), Pulp Fiction.

Ultimately, it was the least successful film in the franchise, and it would be over a decade until the fourth installment in the series was made.

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