St Andrews Beach

It seems obvious enough. A beach, named after the patron saint of fisherman. What could be simpler?

Except that it wasn’t the original name of the area, and that’s not the only thing he’s patron of. Originally, the area was named Capri by the Sea, and marketed, as so much of the peninsula was, as luxury beach homes. But when the interest in the area failed to eventuate, the various land developers began to sabotage each other’s constructions. Before long, this led to deaths – which led to more deaths.

Indeed, within a decade of its founding, Capri by the Sea was notorious more for its vigilante lynchings than anything else. The government of the day dealt with this sensibly, by buying back the land cheaply and dispersing the workmen and the mobs they had formed (although not a few of them later wound up participating in the Eureka Stockade rebellion). The half finished buildings were allowed to quietly fall into ruin, reclaiming by the scrubby bush of the area within five years. Finally, the whole area was renamed based on its only successful industry.

St Andrew, you see, is also the patron of rope makers.

Suburbs near St Andrews Beach:

Rye Rye Fingal
Bass Strait St Andrews Beach Fingal
Bass Strait Bass Strait Fingal
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