Once a small area of workers cottages, where dwelt the men and women who worked in the factories and markets of Footscray, Seddon was intended to be a quiet place of rest, somewhere to escape the daily noise and trials of blue collar working life. It’s even inherent in the name, although less obvious now that the lawsuit with Essendon has gone through and the suburb was forced to remove the last syllable of the name.

But over the last two decades, Seddon has progressively drawn away from its more northerly parent, and instead followed the lead of its neighbour to the south, Yarraville. Which is to say, it’s become absolutely infested with latte-drinking yuppie types, and the property values have risen to a level that make any of the people who actually built the old weatherboards that form most of the area’s dwellings heads explode. Not to say it isn’t a nice, quiet place to raise your kids, or have the occasional discreet cocktail party, or even set up a projector in the back yard of a warm summer’s night to show some classic films from you blu-ray collection – it’s all these things. It’s just that now it is all these things to the white collar children and grandchildren of the factory men who built the place.

WHo’s to say? Almost every parent wants a better life for their children – if this is the better life their children have chosen, so be it. The suburb abides, when all is said’n’done.

Suburbs near Seddon:

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