Role Playing Rules Conversions

You’d be surprised what games you can convert to each other, and how far the chain will reach.

I’ve always loved doing role playing mash ups – and I know that I’m not alone in this. But as fun as it is to just mash genres and settings, sometimes you need to switch things from one role playing system to another. And that’s always so much easier if the work’s already been done for you. And if the name of the system you’re using appears in the list below, it might just have been:

These conversions are grouped by inter-convertability – all games in a particular group are, in theory, convertable one to another, although the more systems a conversion has to pass through, the more distorted the results are likely to be. And of course, the level of detail and completeness varies widely.

Group 1: The Major Group

Group 2: The Demonic Group

  • Demon: The Descent
  • Demon: The Fallen
  • Group 3: The Cypher System Group

  • Gods of the Fall
  • Numenara
  • Predation
  • The Strange
  • Because it’s about the only real means of quality control that I have, all of the conversions listed on this site are officially endorsed ones produced by one or both of the respective game system publishers in each case.

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