95 CE — St John of Patmos writes the Book of Revelation

Scholars disagree on exactly when the Book of Revelation – the final book of the Bible with all the trippy prophecies and inspiration to thousands of horror writers and heavy metal bands – was actually written. The date given above is the current scholarly consensus, but far from certain.

St John is not the same St John who was an apostle, nor the one who wrote the gospel of that name, and most certainly not John the Baptist. He was a man of strong Christian faith and, according to some, a fondness for hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The Book of Revelation (also known as The Book of Apocalypse or the Apocalypse of St John – the word’s modern meaning has shifted due to being the title of this work; it was originally a synonym for revelation) is the last book of the Bible in more ways than one. Aside from its placement at the very end, it was also the last book to be accepted as canonical by the Christian Church, its place in canon not certain until the Synod of Carthage in 397 CE, and then only after strong objection.

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