1888 – Jack the Ripper kills Mary Jane Kelly

The last victim of Jack the Ripper – at least as far as everyone agrees upon – Mary Jane Kelly was both the most attractive and the most obscure of those killed by the Ripper.

No one knows why he stopped – although there are no shortage of theories – and in truth, the reason wouldn’t be much comfort to Kelly and her fellow victims. There are also those who believe that Kelly was not actually killed – that another woman was the victim and was subsequently mis-identified as Kelly. It certainly is possible that such a thing could have happened – the body was badly mutilated and parts of it had been burned, and the identification was largely based on the fact that the body was found in the room she rented.

So the question of who was Jack the Ripper also includes the question of was that really Mary Kelly?

Victorian map of London marked with seven dots within a few streets of each other
By Ordnance Survey; modified by User:ΑΩ – 1894 Ordnance Survey Map of Whitechapel downloaded from http://www.casebook.org/official_documents/map/images/ord_map_full.jpg
Cropped and annotated with seven red dots to show the location of seven murders attributed to Jack the Ripper, Public Domain, Link

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