June 21, 1982 — Prince William of England is born

The eldest child of King Charles III, Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Windsor is first in line to the British throne, and quite likely to be King of England someday. In fact, given his father’s advanced age on ascending to the throne, probably sooner rather than later – in which event, the current His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales will become His Majesty King William V of the United Kingdom.

William’s mother was the now-deceased Diana Spencer, whom his father separated from some years previously. Despite the personal tragedy of his mother’s death and the pressure-cooker of media attention that flourishes around the Royal Family in England (and to a lesser extent, throughout the British Commonwealth, Europe and the United States), William appears to be a reasonably well-adjusted young man who appears to have absorbed the media and people skills of his father, grandmother and great-grandmother, and the sense of humour of the former.

Prince William, 2007

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