December 6, 1648 — Colonel Pride purges the Houses of Parliament

At the direction of Cromwell, Colonel Thomas Pride took elements of their forces – his own Regiment of Foot and Nathaniel Rich’s Regiment of Horse – and they moved to control access to the Houses of Parliament. As the Members arrived, they were checked off against a list that Pride had been issued by Lord Grey of Groby.

Of the 489 sitting MPs, the purge sorted them thusly:
— 18 permanently absent before the purge.
— 45 barred from Parliament and imprisoned
— 186 barred from Parliament but not imprisoned
— 86 voluntarily absented themselves
— 83 allowed back into Parliament after formally dissenting from the decision to accept the King’s proposals

The remaining 71 members were supporters of the army from the outset. Those who remained in Parliament after the purge were known thereafter as members of the Rump Parliament (as opposed to the Long Parliament that had existed before then).

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